Park Synergy Inventory Barcode

Park Industries has introduced the Synergy Inventory software - a software database that allows fabricators to maximize their material inventory and yield by having an easy-to-use inventory management database.

The Synergy Inventory software tracks each slab of material from the time it is photographed at the Pathfinder Digital Photo station until it is has been processed. The remnants are barcoded and filed in the inventory database. According to Park, this software gives fabricators the ability to easily store and manage remnant pieces digitally without retaking a photo.

Park Synergy Inventory software database example

By printing a new barcode tag and placing it on the remnant, the barcode will store remnant information, including the slab bundle, slab block, size of the remnant, color and thickness, just to name a few. Fabricators can store and locate their remnants electronically through this sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, inventory software database.

Another feature of the Synergy Inventory software lies in its reporting capabilities. Users can create user-defined inventory reports, which can be easily exported into an Excel file.  The Synergy Inventory software allows fabricators to sort inventory through a variety or combination of 12 different filters.

Paul Menninger, owner of Capitol Granite & Marble in Midlothian, VA, reports that the inventory software has paid for itself in just three months. “This is a remarkable tool that has enabled me to effectively and efficiently utilize my materials,” said Menninger. “Rather than recycling remnants, I am able to utilize the material for smaller projects. Not only do I utilize the Synergy Inventory software to manage my slab inventory, I also utilize it to manage my sink and parts inventory.”