CROSSVILLE, TN -- Crossville, Inc. has announced the launch of the Native Metal porcelain tile collection, an innovative series offering unique metallic visuals and textures in durable porcelain tile. In addition to the stunning visuals, the Native Metal collection is one of the first carbon-neutral tile collections offered by the company.

Featuring six unique porcelain tiles finished with multiple glaze techniques, Crossville’s talented artisans fuse materials into a product made for the generations. In addition to the field tiles, resin wall accents formulated with real metals provide two rectilinear decorative pieces — waves and dots. And the collection offers designers more impact with unique mosaic options where porcelain and resin seamlessly combine into an extraordinary surface material. 

“Native Metal captures the eternal luxury of patinaed minerals and ores in a refreshingly unique porcelain offering,” shares Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s vice president of marketing. “Through the multiple glazing techniques, the stunning visuals evoke opulence and richness with textures now available in porcelain.”

The Native Metal collection is offered in six tones: Noble Platinum, Nickel Plate, Crucible Steel, Copper Deposit, Cobalt Ore and Graphite Black. Scalable field tiles for residential and commercial applications, the collection includes a variety of sizes: 12 x 24, 24 x 24 and 24 x 48 inches.

The Native Metal mosaic options include a traditional 2- x 2-inch mosaic and a mixed hexagon mosaic where porcelain and resin are seamlessly combined. Additionally, the collection offers two decorative art rectilinear wall trim options in waves and dots in three stunning colors: Champagne Gold, Rubbed Bronze and White Iron. The trim package includes bullnose and cove base selections that provide a large range of application feasibility. 

As part of Crossville’s recently announced carbon reduction goals, the Native Metal collection is one of the many steps Crossville is consciously taking to reduce its environmental impact. The company is making changes to affect its global warming potential with a short-term goal of achieving an additional 10% reduction by 2024.

Carefully and responsibly made in the USA, the complete collection is suited for commercial or residential projects. To learn more about the Native Metal collection and Crossville’s carbon reduction goals, visit