With breathtaking views from its perch on Apache Peak Mountain in Cochise County in Arizona as a backdrop, paired with a selection of stunning stone from Antolini, a home renovation in the Arizona desert could not be more beautiful. Italian stone producer Antolini partnered with Jeffrey Florentine, CEO and founder of JSF Design in Scottsdale, AZ, to complete a radical renovation of an existing residence.

Distributed over 6,000 square feet, the home sets space for a living area in continuous dialogue with the outdoors – whose colors and light flow into the house at all hours of the day – and a sleeping area that includes six bedrooms and two expansive closets. One of them is set up on two levels, connected by a distinctive staircase. The design, inspired by the iconic Barney's retail space, allows the homeowner the sense of shopping each morning while choosing the outfit of the day. 

Overall, the interior design has distinguished soft soothing palettes and materials capable of making residents feel embraced and welcomed in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Indeed, the references to designs and atmospheres typical of high-end spas and hotels, of which the JSF Design team has great experience, are evident.

“Our mission was clear; to transcend conventional boundaries and strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, crafting designs that resonated with a wide-ranging audience,” said Florentine. “Our core belief revolves around the seamless marriage of form and function. We are passionate advocates of purpose-driven design, understanding that true beauty emerges when a space is thoughtfully tailored to meet the needs and desires of its inhabitants. With this guiding philosophy, we set out to create designs that not only captivate visually, but also enrich the lives of those who call them home.”

The choice of materials was of utmost importance in the design process, and JSF Design, only wanting to highlight those of high quality and luxury, prioritized European ones -- ranging between rare oak planks and natural stones that mark the personality of the settings that house them. The collaboration with Antolini was a turning point, both in terms of the quality of the natural stones proposed and regarding the advice and assistance offered to JSF Design along the way.

“I feel like in order to represent any project well you need to choose the right materials, and in doing so with Antolini, it’s like picking a wine that goes very well with the meal,” explained Florentine.

Paonazzo, Silver Roots, Striato Tortora and Cristallo Lumix, all part of the Natural Stone Collection by Antolini, are the stars in any environment that hosts them. “Antolini’s stone stands as an exemplary material of unparalleled quality,” said Florentine. “It is a material that is extremely durable and resilient, but still exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. It elevates any space to new heights of timeless luxury, which is a key requirement in any JSF project. Nature's artwork is exemplified by the uniqueness of stone pieces, which vary from quarry to quarry, defying replication. Following this sentiment in our JSF projects, we passionately pursue the notion that each project stands as an individual creation, ensuring that no two are alike.” 

Paonazzo marble, among the finest examples of white marble and defined by deep gold and gray veins, was chosen for the kitchen design. It can be found for the central island, cladding of the side walls and the perimeter countertop. The top of the island is composed of four slabs. As the result of accurate and meticulous laser techniques, the joint lines are invisible.

Defined by gray tones alternated by darker veins, Silver Root marble was the stone of choice for the primary bathroom. It was used for the vanity top, as well as shower cladding. Sided by a full-height window, the shower is brightened by natural light that, reflecting off the stone, enhances its nuances and veining.

Striato Tortora marble by Antolini sets the tone of the stunning primary bedroom design. The centerpiece of the space is a floor-to-ceiling fireplace clad in the material, which is in open dialogue with the oak used as flooring and for the ceiling. The choice of the specific marble slabs was an important part of the design process. The veins all point to the fire area.

Cristallo Lumix by Antolini is a natural quartz and JSF Design chose it in the Lux finish for the outdoor kitchen. The choice of this natural stone was intentional, as there is a direct connection with the Paonazzo marble in the kitchen. The juxtaposition of the white tones emphasize the consistency of the interior design project.

“Upon discovering the Antolini team, we were utterly amazed by the exceptional level of service they provided -- not only to us as designers but also to our clients,” said Florentine. “The meticulous attention to detail in understanding how the stone would be utilized and the thoughtfulness put into creating a captivating showroom environment left us truly impressed.”