A recent renovation of an Italian apartment was completed by architect Mario Santini with the intent of showing design influences from the 1950s and 1970s. Based in the heart of the historic city of Verona in northern Italy, the 2,700-square-foot living space consists of a large open area, including the kitchen, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The architect turned to beautiful varieties of natural stone from Italian stone producer Antolini to transform the rooms.

Throughout the residential design, natural stone is paired with other material such as wallpaper, wood and metal, which allow the prominence of the stone in each application. In particular, the kitchen design is striking with Black Cosmic granite used for the large island, as well as perimeter countertop. The countertop features Antolini’s Lether finish – part of its Exclusive Collection -- and was designed to include an induction hob and a retractable sink. When closed, the surface becomes continuous – making a great visual impact. Wallpaper featuring a 1950s-style pattern covers the wall behind the work area and, through its geometries and colors, presents a strong identity to the space while highlighting the kitchen and the granite countertop.

“We inspire architects and designers from all over the world to create unique and sophisticated projects,” said Alberto Antolini, CEO of Antolini. “Antolini's role is to revolutionize the natural stone market through constant and methodical research -- capable of offering a wide choice of stones able to dialogue and enhance the environment around them. The heart of this project is the kitchen, where the Black Cosmic granite is a sign of strength, with its primordial and timeless character.”

In direct visual contact with the kitchen, the living room respects and repeats the chromatic and material choices. Black Cosmic granite with the Lether finish carries into the space. The natural stone, in this case, completes and integrates the bookcase, designed to leave room for a fireplace at the bottom.

An elegant aesthetic is achieved in the master bathroom with Silver Roots marble, also featuring the Lether finish. The room is a serene setting for wellness and relaxation. The second bathroom is also characterized by Silver Roots marble, gray with darker veins. Here, the perimeter walls are defined, in the lower part, by the natural stone cladding overlaid by multicolor wallpaper.