New Ravenna, America’s premier designer and manufacturer of mosaics for residential and commercial installations, is pleased to introduce the Ville Lumière collection, designed by Caroline Beaupère. The nine designs, in natural stone and jewel glass, with 24k gold accents, are inspired by the iconic architectural elements of Paris, where Beaupère was born. Beaupère designed Sacré Coeur, as a stylized heart motif to reflect the neo-byzantine ethos of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre. When beginning the design process for Ville Lumière, Beaupère sought to establish continuity from her first collections, Jardins Français and Liliane, by exploring Paris as Ville Lumière - the City of Light. The collection represents a promenade through the most enchanting neighborhoods of Paris, representing the places most enjoyed by Beaupère throughout her life. 

The mosaics in the Ville Lumière collection are handcrafted by the artisans at New Ravenna. The stone mosaics can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and outside. The glass mosaics are suitable for vertical, interior installations. New Ravenna mosaics are available at showrooms throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.