BAXTER, TN -- Globally recognized for its design and innovation practices throughout the coverings market, Portobello Grupo has officially kicked-off production activities at its business unit Portobello America’s recently built plant, located in Baxter, TN, on July 21, 2023. 

Aiming to offer value in the fast-growing and appealing North American market while diversifying its business, the Group has established its first factory outside of Brazil.

“The ceramic market in the U.S. is one of the largest and most attractive in the world -- and is essential to our international expansion strategy,” said Cesar Gomes Junior, Portobello Grupo’s chairman. “This is a striking moment for the Group, which has been active, initially only in distribution, in the North American territory since 1991. With Portobello America’s new factory, we now have three production units: two in Brazil and one overseas.” 

According to Portobello America’s CEO, Luiz Felipe Brito, the new plant enables the brand to provide more innovative design-driven products with better service levels and high competitiveness, always aligned with the local consumer profile. Portobello Grupo’s CEO, John Suzuki, estimates the new factory is expected to generate additional revenue of approximately $150 million USD for the group, while also strengthening it as a global enterprise. 

Portobello America has already generated over 200 local jobs and will be a growth-driving force for the Group. The new facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery, covers an area of 986,000 square feet on a 95-acre site in Tennessee, considered a national hub for ceramic tile manufacturing. In its initial phase, the new plant has an annual production capacity of 38 million square feet. 

Learn more about Portobello America’s new factory in this short video: