DALLAS, TX -- Levantina, a worldwide leader in the natural stone industry, has announced the launch of 'Inspiration by Levantina,' an interactive design tool. This application allows customers to customize their space with different materials from the company's extensive natural stone collection.

'Inspiration by Levantina' lets customers to choose from 50 products to create your kitchen, interior or exterior space. These products are grouped together by color and/or type of material, and the software guides users through designing the room with color combinations for floors, walls and fittings. In just a few clicks, people can see what will work best for them.

With 'Inspiration by Levantina,' people can select a stone color for a countertop, backsplash and floor.

Levantina's exotic granites in the Granite Collection can be combined with a selection of cabinet shades and appliance colors contained in the software to create different kitchen designs. One countertop option is Lennon, a Brazilian granite extracted from one of Levantina's many quarries. The software also gives the choice of choosing different countertop edge options.

The floor can then be added according to each person's taste, with a selection of marbles and ceramic surfaces. One of the key floor selections is Crema Marfil marble from Levantina's El Coto, Spain quarry.

'Inspiration by Levantina' allows customers to interact with the company's selection of natural stones, focusing on the use and possibilities of each material, while assisting and inspiring in the designing process.

The application is available at: http://www.levantina.com/us/inspirationbylevantina.