Neolith, a brand of all-natural sintered compact surfaces manufactured by TheSize for residential and commercial kitchen, bath, façade, flooring and other applications, has launched a redesigned website to meet the demanding architectural and design needs of its customers.

The reimagined site is now organized by collections, applications and projects, allowing building and remodeling professionals, architects, designers and homeowners to benefit from richer online content, navigate effortlessly and visualize the product with ease. With improved imagery throughout, installation and fabrication videos, and an all-new visualizer tool, the site is now better aligned with the aesthetic nature of Neolith.

"Very important to Neolith is adapting to the needs of our customers, as a partner in their businesses from the very beginning of the design phase, which typically starts online," said Mar Esteve, Marketing Project Manager for TheSize. "Neolith is the perfect product for architects, interior designers and other industry professionals, and now the website is perfect for their clients to easily understand what the product is, how the product works and what to expect with Neolith. With all of the improvements we have made to the website though, perhaps the most valuable feature is the new visualizer tool."

Through the new visualizer tool, visitors to the site can see a simulated version of the Neolith collection, color and finish in the application of their choice whether it is for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or for a façade of a building or home. Designers, architects and homeowners alike are now able to know exactly what to expect with Neolith via the visualizer tool.

The website's fresh new look, combined with enhanced content and improved functionality allows the customer to better interact with Neolith online. To view the new website, visit