A rectified white body wall tile in 32 x 99 cm. Erdek-R Matt and Erdek-R Gloss, continues Vives’ contemporary trend of elegance and sophistication. Rich chromatic nuances in its veins, great graphic variety and beautiful decorative pieces complete the collection. The discreet Esmirna-R Glossy and Esmirna-R Matt relief, together with the subtle decorations in metallic inks: Izmir-R Glossy Gold, Izmir-R Glossy Carbon, Izmir-R Matte Gold, Izmir-R Matte Carbon; make the Erdek series a unique tile collection suitable for today's most demanding environments. 

Marble·lous with its most extraordinary addition named Pietra Erdek and Pietra Wailea, in matt porcelain in a huge 108.5-x 118.9-cm hexagonal format together with its small 11.1- x 12.7-cm Star Erdek and Star Wailea pieces, have the ability to conquer all spaces, making them unique, where their mere presence personalizes the room. It is a collection that renews the power of ceramic marble in all its splendor.