The Paladin is an American-engineered stone router manufactured by BBM Machine.

Weighing-in at a substantial 24,000 pounds, the Paladin’s monoblock construction is comprised of a rock-solid steel foundation, built with the resilience of a tank. The Paladin is an exquisite fusion of robust durability and advanced technology -- delivering an unprecedented level of precision and efficiency.

The Paladin is a strategic investment that minimizes waste, decreases downtime and enhances the quality of output in stone fabrication. These attributes are vital in the competitive world of countertop manufacturing. The Paladin’s state-of-the-art Fanuc servo controls, precision ball screws and expansive working table amplify productivity, while its user-friendly workstation and effortless maintenance mechanisms curtail operating costs.

The Paladin is much more than a machine. It presents a competitive edge as a portal to the future of countertop fabrication, where innovation meets profitability. Adding a Paladin to your production force means embracing a philosophy of quality, precision and financial growth in stone fabrication, according to BBM Machine.