ANN ARBOR, MI -- ZOLLER Inc.’s recent Open House & Technology Days turned the spotlight on customers who have leveraged the company’s technology to optimize processes at their companies and overcome challenges in manufacturing.

During the event May 9th to 11th at ZOLLER Inc.’s North American headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI, more than a dozen speakers, including several longtime customers, presented about how Zoller technology has connected their operations, improved efficiency and provided an edge over the competition.

"For us, the company DNA is always that we want to support our customer," said ZOLLER Inc. President Alexander Zoller. "Our DNA is how we can support our customers to be more effective, to be more efficient and to drive that forward.” 

The theme of the event was “Accelerate. Success.” and each day focused on a topic that helps companies do just that. May 9th showcased new inspection technology, May 10th looked at how to implement and scale tool management and May 11th examined integrating the entire process chain of Zoller Solutions, from CAM to part.

Speaker Scott Volk, executive vice president and COO of MetalQuest Unlimited, said tool management is an important part of the future for the advanced CNC-based manufacturing company with locations in Nebraska and Idaho. 

"Having a central location where all that (data) resides and it's available to everybody at their fingertips whenever they need it and being able to exchange that data with other systems is very important for us moving forward," Volk said. 

On the heels of a successful open house, Zoller Inc. will host an automation-focused event called “Automate. Success.” The event August 9th and 10th at the company’s Ann Arbor headquarters will offer a roadmap for how Zoller can digitize, automate and connect manufacturing processes to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Customized, curated events like Open House & Technology Days and "Automate. Success." elevate the ZOLLER brand and technology experience for customers and show what is possible when customer experience is at the center of a company's mission, according to Rita Conroy-Martin, Zoller Inc. director of marketing and customer experience.   

“Giving our customers the opportunity to share their success stories utilizing Zoller Solutions is a win-win for all involved. It inspires action, collaborative exchange and high-level networking at our events, and that is hugely beneficial for everyone,” Conroy-Martin said.