LAS VEGAS, NV -- Antolini, leading Italian company in the natural stone field, introduces itself at KBIS with a new look and a new exhibition itinerary designed by Alessandro La Spada. The designer presents the project as follows: “For the layout I was inspired by the concept of a "shell", a fluid connection between outside and inside represented by a circuit which, once crossed, reveals the different collections in a succession of perspectives that lead to the informative heart: the work area. These dynamics represent a sort of abstract of the spirit with which the company transmits its values”.

Guests at stand W4745 will be welcomed by a new monobloc kitchen in matte Noirblanc soft quartzite, with a sink in Dover White marble in leather finish and metal inserts in satin brass; the project aims to present the potential of the material in terms of combinations of different stones and between stone and metal, also proposing different finishes. 

Right after the kitchen, the visitor will enter the heart of Antolini’s production, touching some of the natural stones of the Exclusive Collection and different finishes of the Textures+ Collection – whose slabs characterize the central space of the stand – and getting also the chance to check the ATech and AQuartz collections.

In detail, the Exclusive Collection, proposed in Las Vegas in 14 of its over 85 natural stones, is formed by slabs which combine the excellence of Mother Nature with the search for quality and the path of innovation followed by Antolini; the company, based in Verona, Italy, holds exclusive rights on the best materials and quarries at an international level, and chooses the best variants available, introducing them to architects and clients only after a strict control process.

Some examples are the following stones: Brèche Fantastique, Bianco Lasa|Covelano "Fantastico", Patagonia Original “Extra”. 

The Textures+ Collection represents an interpretation of stone by Antolini, who applies innovative processes to create textures and geometries on its surface. On the occasion of KBIS 2023, ten variants will be presented, including Hydro Finish, Stratos Design, Riven Finish, Petra Design, Rock Finish and Safe Finish.  

Space also for Azerocare®Plus, the patented process developed by Antolini for marble, onyx and soft quartzite in leather and matte finishes and designed to offer protection against etching and staining caused by contact with acid-based, organic substances.

Visitors will be able to test the effect of acidic agents, such as lemon or wine, on treated and untreated sections of natural stone and test their surprising effectiveness. 

Last but not least, Antolini also presents the AQuartz and ATech collections: slabs that faithfully reproduce – also thanks to the company's expertise – marble veins, offering themselves as an alternative to natural stone. 

“The world of natural stones is constantly evolving; every week nature surprises us with new stones. Antolini's mission is to continue to grow, improve and innovate and the goal is to find the most beautiful stones in the world and put them at the service of the market to inspire innovative designs. We do it with the courage to anticipate new trends and the support of technological innovations, the result of years of research and development. The American market is a strategic one and our presence at KBIS 2023 reconfirms the investment choices and efforts we make every day to offer the best products”, concludes Alberto Antolini, CEO of the company.