Florim has published the 14th edition of its “Sustainability Report”, the document that provides a transparent, concise description of the company’s 2021 results in economic, social and environmental terms and also sets out the goals planned for the near future. 

This edition records the company’s recent admission to Altagamma, the Foundation that brings together the elite of Italian luxury businesses, ambassadors for Italian excellence worldwide. The internationalization project also continues: by the end of 2023, Flagship Stores will be opened in Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and New York, giving a total of 10 corporate showrooms in strategic points of the global design scene. Ten years after it began producing clean energy, Florim has now included a formal commitment to gradually evolve its business model towards a net zero emissions economy in its bylaws.  

The economic profile for 2021 reveals consolidated turnover of more than 480 million Euros and an EBIDTA of over 25% – the highest figures in the company’s history. The last five years have seen investments of over 280 million Euros, with over 50 million Euros of green investments since 2011. 

In environmental terms, as well as the 111,042 tonnes of CO2 not emitted since 2012 (18,706 tons of this in 2021), 12.8 million litres of rainwater were recovered and reused in the production process during 2021. Last but not least, all electricity not produced in-house is purchased entirely from renewable sources with Guarantee of Origin (GO). 

With regard to social responsibility, mention should be made of the project for measurement of the impact of the activities of the Florim Health &Training Centre on health care professionals, employees and the community, which is to continue until 2023. Initial data reveal excellent outcomes in terms both of the greater awareness gained by participants and the high scores achieved by medical and paramedical staff in first aid courses. 

The future objectives set out in the impact report, which the company – as a Benefit Corporation – issues annually, include: the installation of a new photovoltaic plant of 4.5 MWp at the Mordano site (in addition to the already existing 7,7MWp of Fiorano Modenese); the modification of product body mixes to reduce the use of raw materials, water and energy; the ongoing commitment to the reduction of CO2; the examination of alternative sources for internal handling vehicles; the completion of the replacement of lighting fixtures with energy-saving LED types at all sites; and the stakeholder engagement project to establish a collaborative dialogue that promotes a responsible, sustainable business model. 

President Claudio Lucchese – from “Letter to stakeholders” 

“I am particularly proud to illustrate the path that Florim has travelled over the past year. The brilliant economic and financial results, the positive reaction of the market to our way of doing business, and the consolidation of the values we believe in have made possible numerous initiatives that you will read about. 

Florim's recent entry into the Altagamma Foundation has confirmed that, together with other prestigious organizations, we are a company worthy of promoting the excellence, uniqueness and style of Made in Italy in the world. For the two-year period 2022/2023, the new investment plan includes not only further flagship 

openings in Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and New York, but also major interventions in all the group's factories with the logic of further reducing emissions and improving product quality. Ten years after the start of clean energy production, Florim amended its by-laws, formalizing its commitment to implementing a progressive evolution of the business model towards a zero net emission economy, in accordance with European and national ecological transition goals. These achievements are further confirmation that the path taken will allow the company to distinguish itself through quality, sensitivity and beauty. I sincerely thank all those employees who with their dedication, humility and simplicity contribute each day to improving our company.”