The Florim Sustainability Report -- an annualreport which provides a summary of the results achieved by the company in the economic, social and environmental fields -- has now reached its seventh year. This document is not limited to reporting on financial and accounting aspects, but also defines the policies undertaken by the group in terms of overall sustainability, and states the objectives which the company has set itself for the near future.

Again in2014, the sectiondevoted to economic data shows encouraging results, marking the sixth consecutive year of growth and improvement in all key indicators. Underlying thissuccess are investments designed with great attention to cost factors and flexibility, high quality in the materials offered, professionalism and commitment at all levels and a continuous searchfor excellence.

"The great participation of collaborators on all levels and their ability to interpret the Florim mission allowed us to complete projects that are ambitious in terms of complexity and fulfillment times, such as renovating the Mordano plant, which became a benchmark for the production of big slabs and launching the new Fiorano logistics center, which supplements the traditional service area with the brand new vertical warehouse," said Florim President, Claudio Lucchese, in his letter introducing the latest edition. "In addition, the American plant renovation project has progressed and is expected to be completed in 2015."

Florim draws up its annual Sustainability Report as a reminder of the need for coherence and responsibility in improving its performance, in the belief that human resources are the key to a successful future.