EXMORE, VA -- New Ravenna, a premier designer and manufacturer of mosaics for residential and commercial installations, presents Biome. The 15 mosaic designs in the collection are handcrafted in Virginia from stone and Glazed Basalto™ with accents of shell, as well as iridescent and metallic glazes. Biome was inspired by the shapes, textures and patterns found in nature. The collection as a whole was explored and connected through color palette. A biome is a naturally occurring community of flora and fauna, with the five primary biomes on earth: tundra, aquatic, forest, grassland and desert. New Ravenna deconstructed the five biomes to explore the variety of life and terrain found in these disparate climates. Together, the collection demonstrates the connection and repetition of pattern throughout nature. Each of the five biomes has a unique color palette that captures the essence of that environment. 

“Our natural world is a major source of inspiration and solace,” said Cean Irminger, New Ravenna's creative director. “When palette and pattern overlap, we can completely change the perception of a design; a pattern that was based on a fossil from the desert now reads as a meadow flower in white and green, or a falling snowflake in white and gray. On a grand scale, Biome reveals the interconnectedness of nature and design. When examined closely, Biome will illustrate the chameleon quality of mosaic and its ability to express a narrative through color."

Biome includes multiple finishes to create textures that reflect light, wind and time. The materials in the collection have been honed, polished, pillowed and tumbled. Mosaic techniques range from hand cutting and chopping to waterjet. Biome can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and out. New Ravenna mosaics are available at showrooms throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.