As I write this, March is winding down. Spring has officially begun, and in New Jersey where I live, it is nice to finally see buds on the trees and hear birds chirping, after what seemed like a long winter. Spring is usually a time associated with change. A time for rebirth. If you have been checking out our website regularly, or following us on social media, you know that we had been highlighting women throughout March in honor of International Women’s Month. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the stories of many strong women in our industry. And what I found particularly interesting are the ones who made a drastic change to start their career in the stone sector – demonstrating that it is never too late to make a change.

Laura Grandlienard, owner of ROCKin’teriors received quite a reaction when we posted her story. She left a successful career at IBM to start her fabrication business. That took some courage, but it paid off. I also work on Stone World’s sister publication, TILE. I recently interviewed a rising “star” in that industry, who calls herself That Tile Chick. She is bright, intelligent and was also willing to take a risk. Two years ago, she left a career in the corporate world as well. She and her boyfriend moved to a different state and started a construction business at first, which then evolved to tile contracting. In a short period of time, That Tile Chick has grown her business, and has also made a name for herself in the tile industry through social media and getting involved to share her experience and to help educate others.

These are only two stories of what I’m sure are many. I share them to point out that while it might seem scary, it’s never too late for change -- and I’m not talking only about a career switch. It could be taking that leap to invest in a new piece of equipment or to grow your business. If you are considering a big change, remember, you don’t have to go for it alone. One thing both the women I mentioned pointed out is that it is okay, and even important, to ask questions. That is how we learn. Also, having support is beneficial. So, now that spring has sprung, so to speak, go ahead and make that change if it is something that has been on your mind. You most likely won’t regret it.