When I attended my first StonExpo and Coverings back in the late ‘90s, there wasn’t an overwhelming number of women in the stone industry. It has been nice to see how times have evolved, and many more women are actively involved. I recently returned from Las Vegas where I attended The International Surface Event (TISE). A Women’s Leadership Conference was launched, which invited all from the stone, tile and flooring industries to join. I was impressed with the turnout and learned some things too. The conference provided a great way for women in all positions to connect and share experiences to learn from each other.  

Women In Stone (WIS) is another indicator of how the stone industry has progressed. There are now several hundred women in the organization. The session I sat in on at the conference was about mentoring. A woman from WIS was on the panel to share her experiences with the program. Having someone to offer guidance and encouragement, or even just to talk or bounce ideas off of, can be helpful. 

With all of this said, March is Women’s Month. In honor of that, Stone World plans to shine a spotlight on a number of women in various roles throughout the month. Be sure to check our website regularly to learn more about them. And if you have someone that you would like us to feature, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.