Aqua is a collection of invigorating abstract Vertex Glass mosaic ornamentation for swimming pool mosaic design and water bodies. Featuring designs prepared using AddTek technology, this latest addition to MEC’s PIXL mosaic range was especially developed for custom pool mosaic designs in modern spaces.

Something as simple as concentric rings against a deep blue gradient can be impactful if executed this beautifully. The palette features cool colors, including green, aqua and several shades of blue -- ranging from midnight blue to serene medium tones.

One detail that makes PIXL Aqua special is the manual coloring and sketching of designs. Many of the Aqua tile patterns have been intricately colored by hand, using colored pencils and watercolor medium, before being digitally converted to mosaic-ready masterpieces. Combining exciting original abstract designs with cool color palettes that work best for underwater tiles, Aqua decorative mosaic takes custom pool mosaic designs to the next level.

A modern take on geometric Moroccan hand-cut tile craft recreated for swimming pools with Vertex glass, Zellij PIXL custom pool mosaic tiles feature Marrakesh elements in an original abstract design by MEC.

Vertex Glass mosaic is tested and approved for water bodies and bathrooms, making it ideal for decorative pool mosaic design. PIXL Aqua decorative tile transforms the space and creates a spectacular one-of-a-kind oasis.

Aqua combines abstract art with geometric shapes, flora, patterns and motions in nature, ikat rugs, Morrocan tile art and more -- a twist to the classic pool mosaic design everyone knows and loves.