VERONA, ITALY -- Following the international successes of its recent editions, the collaborations created between stone producers and leading international design brands has been renewed for Marmomac 2021. Deemed as the birth of Brand & Stone 3.0, the exhibition was conceived by Danilo Di Michele and is being curated by architect Giorgio Canale. This exhibition, now in its third edition, responds to the need to bring designers and influential brands closer to the use of natural stone to produce objects and accessories included in their collections -- demonstrating how it is possible to overcome the often widespread reticence of a commercial project, such as costs and distribution, as well as a technical issues such as weight and installation. The skills, as well as the technical and artistic knowledge of Italian stone companies, will consequently become available to prestigious furnishing companies, thereby collaborating to create unique indoor and outdoor applications for subsequent launch on the market. Natural stone thereby becomes a revolutionary and innovative material, readily offered to even the most discerning customers all over the world through everyday objects. Brand & Stone 3.0 is therefore not limited as an exhibition of solely excellent design objects in natural stone, nor is it a mere experiment designed to exaggerate the potential of stone materials. It is a project promoting partnership and synergy between two worlds -- natural stone and design. The exhibition is currently on display at Marmomac 2021, which is being held in Verona, Italy, from September 29th to October 2nd.