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Adamina – Caesarstone

Adamina - Caesarstone
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Caesarstone’s newest quartz surface collection, Whitelight, provides a strong sense of wellness and serenity. The Whitelight Collection is a beacon of clean and straightforward neutrals creating a new sophisticated backdrop, refocusing us on human-centered spaces that merge style with cleanliness. Three new designs launched with the collection: the sophisticated sandy tones of Adamina (pictured here), the flowing beauty of dynamic veining with Arabetto and the graceful timelessness of the classic Aterra Blanca. Like all Caesarstone quartz surfaces, they are nonporous, durable, flexible, scratch- and stain-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, low maintenance and never need sealing.

Ivybridge – Cambria

Ivybridge - Cambria
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Cambria’s palette of iconic and cutting-edge designs is distributed through Cambria Galleries and a global network of premium independent specialty retail and trade partners. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, Cambria is nonabsorbent, scratc- and stain resistant, maintenance free and backed by a transferable full lifetime warranty. Pictured, Ivybridge, features dark teal diagonal veins on an arctic white expanse, creating a powerful sense of depth while delicate gold shimmer adds a playful effervescent quality.

Statuary Unity – Daltile

Statuary Unity - Daltile
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Daltile’s Statuary Unity offers exquisite marble designs, featuring beautiful wide veining against modern white backgrounds, in extra-large 136- x 79-inch quartz slab formats.  The veining in this stunning product features smooth flowing movements with clean edges, lending a sophisticated elegance to the overall visuals. Statuary Unity exemplifies how quartz combines the beauty of marble with product performance. With quartz, you can add gorgeous marble looks to your home’s design in a material that stands up to real life activity, perfect for kitchens.

Avant-Garde series – Dekton

Avant-Garde series - Dekton
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The 2020 Dekton collection is comprised of four chromatic series: Avant-Garde, Portfolio, Chromica and Liquid. These colors are great for indoor and outdoor surfaces.  The three hues in the Avant-Garde series draw inspiration from the most coveted natural stone materials.

DQ Calacatta Tevere – Dente Trading

DQ Calacatta Tevere - Dente Trading
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Dente Trading’s line of DQ Quartz captures the essence of natural stone with its lifelike colors and marble veining.   DQ Calacatta Tevere, pictured here, is one of 10 choices of DQ Quartz offered in varying colors, patterns and tones, and is a versatile option for many interior design needs. The styles range from solid monochromatic hues to bold patterns with intricate movement and veining to reflect the look of natural stone.  DQ Quartz allows great flexibility in surface design, combining timeless beauty with durability, bringing out the best in design while ensuring long-lasting quality.

Calacatta Miraggio Gold quartz – MSI

Calacatta Miraggio Gold quartz - MSI
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Refined and extraordinary, Calacatta Miraggio Gold quartz makes a striking statement with a crisp white background and elegant golden brown veining. This stunning quartz features MSI’s exclusive Lumaluxe formulation, enhancing how light interacts with the marble-like surface for genuinely eye-catching results. Perfect for one-of-a-kind countertops and islands, kitchen backsplashes, shower and bath surrounds and floors, this quartz works with any architectural style in residential and commercial spaces. Durable and easy to maintain, Calacatta Miraggio Gold is available in 2cm and 3cm slabs and coordinates wonderfully with several of MSI’s mosaic products for a complete look.

Sunlit Days – Silestone

Sunlit Days - Silestone
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Silestone Sunlit Days is the first carbon neutral collection in the quartz surfaces and engineered stone industry. After more than 30 years in the market, Sunlit Days represents a return to the origins of the Silestone brand and Cosentino company, with the next key points: Mediterranean, connection with nature and above all, color.

Bianco Neve – Tab India

Bianco Neve - Tab India
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Bianco Neve (1609) by TabQuartz is a high-definition, natural stone look which combines the background color of marble and the structure of granite. It’s a very unique quartz look for both contemporary, as well as classic kitchens and homes. Bianco Neve is available in polished, honed and satin (i.e. leather) finishes in jumbo sizes of 128 x 64 inches and 1.5, 2 and 3cm thicknesses. TabQuartz uses the highest quality specialty, UV stabilized resin, which allows flexibility of use around windows and areas with mild sun exposure.

Statuario Elegant Extra – Universal Granite & Marble

Statuario Elegant Extra - Universal Granite & Marble
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The pristine U-Quartz surface, Statuario Elegant Extra, offers a timeless natural marble look with state-of-the-art engineered quartz durability. This stunning bright white quartz surface features heavy directional gray veins, which spread throughout the entirety of each 126- x 63-inch slab. This unique color is exclusive to Universal Granite & Marble’s U-Quartz collection and is suitable for virtually any indoor application.  

Quartz Surfacing – Vadara

Quartz Surfacing - Vadara
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Vadara quartz’s directional veining in the product creates a realistic look that is practically identical to natural stone. These surfaces are nonporous, offering antibacterial benefits not available with other stone products. They are virtually maintenance-free and backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Madreperola – Vicostone

Madreperola - Vicostone
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Advanced technology and premium manufacturing capture the most striking traits of Brazilian Taj Mahal and Madreperola quartzite in a unique and elegant design. Vicostone Madreperola quartz is a cool taupe engineered stone with smooth brown veins and crystalline accents. It evokes the soft beauty of natural pearl and offers true depth that is difficult to replicate in quartz surfaces. Madreperola comes in a polished finish and is available in 2 and 3cm jumbo slabs.

Calacatta Quartz Collection – Wilsonart

Calacatta Quartz Collection - Wilsonart
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Wilsonart recently announced its breathtaking Calacatta quartz collection, offering unique designs inspired by Calacatta marble, derived from Italy's Carrara region. Featuring refined, vibrant whites and deep elegant veining, Calacatta Quartz provides timeless designs that complement various interiors. Wilsonart Quartz is manmade, using state-of-the-art technology that gives architects, designers and homeowners color consistency throughout the slabs, and allows for a beautiful installation. This collection replicates the look and feel of marble in a more responsible way to protect our planet, while meeting the design community and consumers' demands.