In the last quarter of 2018, Dal-Tile Corporation, a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, a global leader in the flooring industry, opened a new fac ility in Dickson, TN, to produce quartz surfacing products. The expansion not only created a significant amount of jobs for locals in the area, but it also forged a new market for the company. Since opening its doors, Dal-Tile has continually focused on evolving its quartz line with new introductions regularly.

“Dal-Tile Corporation’s Dickson manufacturing facility is led by an experienced team, from R&D to engineers,” said Roy Viana, director natural stone & slab, Dal-Tile Corporation. “The Dickson quartz plant is the most advanced quartz slab production facility in North America and is equipped with the newest advanced technologically equipment — producing the most technically advanced quartz slabs.”

The state-of-the-art plant, which sits on a 68-acre site, is producing extra-large quartz slabs. And at 136 x 79 inches in size, they are among the largest in the world, according to Viana. “The quartz slabs produced in our facility are made using the highest quality raw materials (quartz, resin and pigments), proprietary design technologies, the most advanced decorative capabilities, the highest levels of gloss and clarity, and exclusive colors and designs.”

Viana emphasizes that the quartz produced in the company’s Dickson plant is “Made in the USA” with imported materials. “Domestic production allows us to provide worldwide service and react more quickly to our customers’ needs as far as design and service,” he said. “There is also no matching the quality we can get when we use workers from the U.S.”

Dal-Tile offers its One Quartz Surfaces line, which includes: Geo Flecks, Micro Flecks, Nature and West Village. Additionally, the company has its One Quartz American Reserve quartz line, featuring the National Marble series that is influenced by the stone monuments memorializing the U.S. The National Marble series inspires charming American design and embodies the quality of America’s finest marbles. Most recently, Dal-Tile introduced its new Historic collection during 2020, as part of the One Quartz American Reserve quartz line. The collection features four beautiful marble designs, each one inspired by one of America’s famous landmarks. “Niagara” has subtle veining reminiscent of foaming water at the bottom of a cascading waterfall, while “Arches,” inspired by the famous St. Louis Arch, has more distinct veining. “Rocky Mountain” evokes the majestic mountain range running the length of the country and “Golden Gate” provides subtle veining and West Coast design. Though quartz countertops are hugely popular, a product as durable as quartz deserves some consideration for other surfaces as well, Dal-Tile points out to its customers on its website. The company’s quartz products are also an ideal solution for floors and walls, and they can be cut for almost any application.