Contemporary Stone & Tile Design had the opportunity to talk with design experts from MSI to learn what the latest trends are in quartz. Here’s what they had to say.

CSTD: What overall trends in quartz are you observing?

MSI: Looks run the gamut today from subtle to bold movement.

  •  Long wide veins that run the length of slabs.
  • Thin long veins that create an all over pattern (Calacatta Alto).
  • Soft all-over marbling in low-contrast colorways provide more muted options.

When it comes to quartz colors, what shades are trending?

MSI: White marble looks are still a top choice for countertops and the variety of vein colors is quickly expanding to include:

  • Warm gray /taupe
  • Soft gold (Calacatta Arno)
  • Crisp black
  • Navy or grayish blue tones

Warm neutrals, including soft cream and putty-colored bases, are also trending when paired with gray and gold veining (Calacatta Valentin). Black or charcoal gray bases with white or light gray veining add drama and contrast, while light, cool, gray bases with some warmth mixed in via soft off-white or gold tones are also popular. Also, stone looks, as well as concrete looks.

What is the process for selecting/developing on-trend colors?

MSI: Overall color trends, as well as kitchen cabinet, tile and metal trends, influence countertop development. Developing trends in kitchen cabinet colors have led to the expansion of quartz countertop color options. Examples include:

  • Pops of color: With the addition of a range of blues in cabinetry becoming prevalent in the industry, quartz manufacturers are developing countertop colors that subtly or boldly incorporate hints of blue. Blues range from powder blue to Wedgwood blue to muted navy tones and everything in between. (Calacatta Lago)  Pops of green from sage to army continue to emerge as well. While they are lovely with neutral countertops, it would not be surprising to see hints of green emerge in countertops soon.
  • Warming trend: While the crisp white kitchen trend continues, some homeowners are ready to warm up their spaces with off-white tones ranging from linen to mushroom cabinetry accented with brass finishes. This color palette looks fresh when paired with wood tones, including light blonde and deep walnut. These looks pair well with a variety of emerging countertop colors, including:
    • Off-white bases with taupe, gray, gold patterning (Portico Cream)
    • Bright white quartz with gold and warm gray veining
    • Deeper taupe bases with soft white patterning.
  • High Contrast: Bright White + Black or Charcoal: White kitchens gain depth when designed with charcoal or black lower cabinets or islands. This has led to the development of higher contrast countertop colors that effortlessly link these contrasting colors together:
    • Black or charcoal countertops with white veining to tie everything together.
    • White countertops with black veining for impact.
    • Mid-gray tones blended with white and darker gray marbling add depth to high-contrast kitchens (Rolling Fog or Gray Lagoon).
  • Textured and Honed Finish: Manufacturers have continued to innovate new designs incorporating textured and honed finishes to keep up with the latest trends. These include:
    • Light cool gray with warmth to mimic concrete looks.
    • White marble looks with subtle veining.
    • Dark grays and blacks, similar texture and feel as soapstone.