In this issue, we discuss commercial design and the rise of quartz trends that is happening in the A&D community. On page 18, we feature a bank that emulates an earth-friendly design that uses Lueders limestone. Originally a vacant lot in Austin, TX, the project was transformed with the help of the local limestone. On page 24, you will find the new outdoor pavilion that Atlas Concorde has built that incorporates a surrounding park and landscape into their showroom design. The project features tiles and porcelain slabs on the floor, walls and countertops. Additionally, on page 10, we feature several different products from Cevisama, the International Fair for Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings. A total of 506 Spanish exhibitors showcased their latest products and innovations at the show.

With the rise of popularity of quartz, we discuss the trends of this engineered stone product starting on page 32. We detail how over the years the technology has improved and how it is expected to continue. The feature also highlights the current and future trends for quartz and how manufacturers plan to position itself in the market. 

An example of a quartz application is in the redesign of Newport Utilities’ lobby in Newport, TN, which is featured beginning on page 36 of this issue. The firm that designed the project, Studio Four Design, wanted to create a warm and enticing environment for utility customers as they enter the building, introduce interactive kiosks to visitors and permit customer service team members to focus more attention on patrons who have billing or outage questions. They also chose quartz for the reception countertops for its durability.

On page 40, we feature a technical article that discusses the use of wall cladding and different mechanical fixtures to use for specific applications. It is important to understand these methods when working on a stone cladding project in order to ensure success.

Lastly, on page 28, we have a one-on-one interview with Joshua Gillow who is an outdoor living design build firm that is located in Eastern Pennsylvania specializing in backyard transformations and uses of natural stone.

Before going into anymore of the exciting things we have planned here, I want to take the time to discuss the great articles at and its continued promotion of using different natural stones in projects. Because we value the use of natural stone here at Contemporary Stone & Tile Designwe enjoy reading about how architects and designers are using natural stone to make beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, buildings and other things. If you enjoy working with natural stone, or want to learn more about using it, be sure to check them out. 

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