Stone fabricators have to handle and keep up with various materials, while at the same time maintaining a consistently superior quality of sharpness and cutting performance. Up until now, cutting different materials has always involved changing discs in order to maintain the high-quality standard.

Tyrolit’s experts have recognized the issues and have now developed an innovative solution. Due to the extended know-how in industrial diamond applications, Tyrolit now offers the GT2 EVO — a single saw blade with high-cutting performance, which is capable of cutting many different materials.

The main objective in the development of the GT2 EVO saw blade was to maintain sharpness even when cutting hard granite, quartzite and most new ceramic slabs. The GT2-EVO blade is very versatile and can be used in almost all machines from low to high power and in many different applications, such as bridge saws used for cutting made-to-measure countertops. GT2-Evo is available from a 350- to a 600-mm diameter with 15-mm-high segments and a normal or silent steel core.

Tyrolit Vincent Srl, located in Thiene (VI), Italy, is the worldwide divisional headquarter for Quartz Industries – Stone/Glass/Ceramics division – and is one of its main production sites.