The new Generation X Proliner Stone packages add new powerful tools and functionalities to the digital templating flow solution that eliminate all uncertainty before installation. Safeguarding the outcome of a perfect fitting product has never been better.

Each improvement contributes in its own way, starting with the new hardware and software of the Proliner X models. To prevent incorrect measurements, the Proliner will sound an alarm when it is accidently moved. The new software interface comes with application-based templating apps. This ensures that the Proliner measurement settings and available functionalities are already tuned for the job at hand, which simplifies the measuring process and ensures accurate results.

Real game-changers are added to the Prodim Factory software as well. It is now a possibility to construct multiple planes and create solids with the help of insightful views in 2D/3D. On top of that, the software will help prevent mistakes during the design process by alerting the operator when problems occur, like the collision of solids — clearly marked in red.

That is how all uncertainty can be eliminated before installment and why the Proliner Generation X Stone packages offer the best solutions for your digital templating flow.