A presetter is a device that uses software to automatically and precisely perform the measurement or scanning of a tool’s geometry. It transfers all the parametric information needed to use the tooling directly into your CNC machine, fully preparing the data to line up challenging profiles.

Adding a presetter to enhance stone or glass operations in your shop offers all kinds of advantages. First, it preserves tool life. You can set up your tools less aggressively to ensure that each tool in the set works correctly without overloads. Precise removal results in constant force being applied to the electro spindle. Reduced vibrations in bearings and rails also mean less wear and tear on the machine. In addition, you can recalibrate your tools much more quickly and easily offline instead of having to calibrate them while they are on the machine.

Software innovation

Innovative software, such as that used in presetters, is user-friendly and intuitive. Even an inexperienced operator can set one tool in a few seconds and complete an entire tool set within minutes. In addition to eliminating downtime and increasing the efficiency of the operator, a presetter drastically reduces the risk for error.

With Diamut’s presetter, thanks to a database of Diamut profile, it can easily check the profile and diamond thickness to determine if your tool can be redressed. Overall, presetters are a tool for future growth of individual shops and the stone and glass industries as a whole.

“Diamut works to educate companies and simplify processes for the stone industry and the presetter allows to have an immediate and positive impact on end users who are looking to innovate their shops, preserve tool life, and improve productivity,” said Randy Jamison, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Intermac/Diamut America.