In recent years, CNC stoneworking centers have proven instrumental in taking a fabrication shop to the next level. The fully automated equipment benefits fabricators by creating more efficiency in the production process. More jobs can be completed quicker with less manpower — resulting in more profits and less labor management.

Beyond the machines themselves, equally important are the tooling and accessories used on the CNCs. Below is a sampling of the latest product introductions related to CNC technology.

BVC vacuum cups

Better Vacuum Cups

BVC, Inc. manufactures vacuum cups for stone and glass CNC routers. BVC vacuum cups have unique features to the industry, including the ability to route into your cups and still use them. No need to ship the cups back — simply use the foam gasket to recreate the seal. Pictured here is BVC SS50400 50 x 400 mm and SS200400 200 x 400 mm, only two cups holding the quartz vanity top.

Retractable Suction Cups

Blick Industries

Blick’s Retractable Suction Cups add further automation to your stone fabrication process. Sink cutouts are automatically lowered protecting your equipment, saving you time and simplifying your workflow. Cut, profile and polish cut-outs in a single production run without starting and stopping your machine.

Viper CNC Tooling

Braxton Bragg

The Viper CNC tooling system features seven steps — five metal and two ceramic polishing steps. This allows you to complete the job fast.

All of our CNC tooling is accompanied by data sheets with complete set-up information, including pre-calibrated setting parameters, detailed operating information and maintenance instructions.

All tools are carefully balanced and inspected by strict quality-control standards. All CNC profiles are produced with a standard 35mm bore. The company offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.,8452,10544/

Cyclone S Thin Wall CNC core bit


The new Cyclone S Thin Wall CNC core bit is the latest addition to the Diamax CNC line. Its ultra-thin rim measures about 1mm thick, allowing for fast, sharp, clean holes on granite, quartz, ultra-compact and quartzite. You can count on extra-long life with a segment height of 12mm when used properly. Reduce blowouts, speed up production and cut tool costs with Cyclone S.

Smile Pilot 3.0 CNC tool presetter


The newly designed Smile Pilot 3.0 CNC tool presetter and measuring machine sets a high bar for faster more efficient countertop production. The Smile Pilot 3.0 saves a tremendous amount of time on the initial set up of new profile tooling by getting precise measurements within minutes without tying up your CNC machine. 

The Smile 3.0 CNC presetter gives you exact diameters of your CNC profiles, which is essential to setting each position up with recommended stock removal parameters.Work faster and smarter with Zoller. ​

Zenesis 4 and 7 segment finger bits

GT Diamond

The Zenesis™ 4 and 7 segment finger bits provide top CNC performance on all stone materials. They deliver precise, quiet, chip-free cutting at faster speeds and can be used on soft to medium-hard materials (four segments) or medium to hard materials (seven segments). The enhanced design utilizes our most advanced diamond pattern to date, which increases durability and prevents premature wear so that the finger bits will last you even longer.

Knowledge Premium Line

Regent Stone Products

Regent Stone Products announces the newest version of profiling and polishing CNC wheels from Diamut, which will be available starting in September. A global leader in stone and glass tooling for over 30 years, Diamut is on the cutting edge with this new line of high-speed tools called Knowledge Premium Line, or “KPL”.  As automation continues to take a larger role in the stone business, advancements in efficient tooling has become more important. The KPL wheels operate at high speeds, but last significantly longer than current high-speed tools on the market. They also have a better price range than current high-speed tools on the market.

BDT tooling

Salem Stone

Unlock the potential of your CNC work center with these exciting BDT tooling offerings from Salem Stone. The STWL is a calibration wheel possessing a “W” pattern and boasting two times the diamond cutting surface compared to traditional designs, with an affordable price. The DSZ1L (Super Z) provides max removal of excess material left from the bridge saw and is used to scribe wall curvatures. With larger/reinforced segments it outlasts the competition, while maintaining speed and power. The DSZ2L and DSZ3L seaming wheels (Super Z) offer seaming with precision — providing crisp, sharp edges with extremely long tool life.

Panther CNC Z35 Wheels

Stone Boss

Panther CNC Z35 Wheels are aggressive and long lasting. These Z35 Wheels are used for heavy stock removal. Recommended parameters: 5500 RPM and 80 IPM depending on the stock removal.

Zares II

Terminator Diamond Products Inc.

Today, fabricators utilizing CNC routing machinery are faced with the frustrating issue of stopping production to calibrate their new/existing tooling. This process is time consuming, yields inconsistent results and is prone to human errors. The cost is thousands of dollars in lost production each month. Zares® II is a fully offline 3D optical CNC tool measuring system that integrates directly with your CNC routers. With the intuitive user-friendly software, sending measurements to your routers is as easy as clicking a button. You will never make a mistake again.

OMA XT CNC Diamond Tool


OMA XT CNC diamond tools from Weha. Oma Systems of Italy makes a six position (three metal + three polish) high-speed CNC tooling. No dressing needed, and it achieves the same polish in six steps rather than seven. Visit our website or contact Weha for details.