Over the last few decades, both architecture and decor have been moving to essential design — made of clear lines, flat surfaces and simpler shapes. With this perspective, it is important to have a constant superior quality finish on all hardtop edges, as with essential designs even the smallest defects are noticeable.

Since stone fabrication on CNC machines started, Tyrolit has always been known for supplying top-quality profile tools. The company’s target is to always be one step ahead, and it has now revolutionized the production of its CNC profile wheels in order to offer fabricators a boost in performance.

Recently, Tyrolit released a new series of CNC tools called HS-3, whose main characteristic is constant quality, which lasts during the whole lifetime of the wheel, reports the manufacturer. HS-3 tools have a perfect hardness distribution right across the working surface to reduce profile deformation. This revolutionary manufacturing process allows longer intervals between tool re-profile or exchange.

Moreover, a new bond — together with this redefined production process — allows HS-3 wheels to reach the working speed of over 9m/min (350 inches/min). With a perfect hardness distribution, an increased lifetime, an ultra-high speed and an outstanding edge quality of the worked piece, these are the main characteristics that place HS-3 range at the cutting edge of profile tool development in the CNC profile wheel panorama.

HS-3 wheels are available in a wide range of profiles and diameters to meet all customers’ needs.

The HS-3 range was presented as a preview at the Marmomac 2019 in Verona, Italy, but the official launch will be held at the StonExpo/The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, NV, which is being held from January 28 to 30, 2020. The new HS-3 tool line can be viewed at Tyrolit’s booth #3423.