Chattanooga, Tennessee — Horizon Stone, a Chattanooga, Tenn.-based national leader in the manufactured stone industry has acquired Majestic Stone, a Dayton, Tenn.-based national leader in the natural stone industry, leadership at both companies announced today. The pairing creates a unique partnership enabling a streamlined approach to compete for the two — typically disjointed — halves of the stone industry. “This acquisition makes perfect sense for both companies and will deliver incredible benefits to the customers we serve,” says Brent Large, CEO at Horizon Stone. “When we began the evaluation process of choosing a partner to work with on the natural stone side of the industry, we were attracted to Majestic Stone and the work they’ve done over the last few years. Horizon Stone and Majestic Stone both operate from a customer-first point of view, our leadership teams share mutual respect and work well with one another, and this pairing will enable distributors of our products to know they are going to receive great product and service when choosing either Horizon’s manufactured stone or Majestic’s natural stone.” Founded in 2003, Horizon Stone quickly became a leader in the manufactured stone space. Today, their robust catalog of products is distributed across the United States, and are tied to eight primary aesthetics, each one molded by natural stone. For more than two decades, Majestic Stone has supplied their Tennessee fieldstone and flagstone to the North American natural stone market. From their Dayton Mountain headquarters, they quarry and fabricate building stone, landscaping stone, and thin veneer. “Since buying and leading the company out of bankruptcy just three years ago, Majestic Stone has come a long way in rebuilding its supply chain and distribution,” says Patrick Wells, CEO at Majestic Stone. “And now, being acquired by Horizon, we will have the capital and expertise to take the next step in becoming an even stronger and more dependable source for natural stone. This partnership is a win for both our employees and our customers and I look forward to leading Majestic Stone, as CEO, into this new season with Horizon Stone."