It is common knowledge within the wastewater treatment industry (and in most everyday tasks) that clean and well-maintained filters allow equipment to operate at peak efficiency and performance, and the recessed-plate filter press is typically among the most efficient for processing sludge in industrial applications.

Beckart Environmental, Inc., manufacturer of the popular Hy-Pack® line of filter presses, has now introduced a new line of filter cloths designed for much faster changeovers than traditional cloths. They are available in sizes to fit most filter press plates on the market.

Because there are no gaskets to install and removal of the plate from the press is not necessary, no special tools or equipment are necessary, and in fact the new cloths can typically be changed easily by one person.

Designed with velcro tabs along the edges of a fitted one-piece pattern of nylon sheet, installation of the new cloth is quick and hassle-free. Beckart's new velcro cloths are available for filter plates in these sizes: 470mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm.