NEOLITH, has announced a campaign partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), the leading human rights organization based in the United States of America, for all individuals with Down syndrome. By combining forces, NEOLITH and NDSS aim to promote awareness and contribute to the social integration of people with Down syndrome through NEOLITH's brand ambassador, three-year-old Pepita Sierra, better known as @Pepitamola on Instagram. 

Together, NEOLITH and NDSS are creating a higher platform for the advocacy, awareness and integration in society for people with Down syndrome. Beginning with the Pepitamola campaign, both entities will continue to work together on a global scale by promoting their values and working towards the inclusion of those with Down syndrome through messaging, advertising and social media posts.  

“At NDSS, we are focused and committed to ensuring that individuals with Down syndrome are offered opportunities and comprehensive education programs in order to lead long, happy and healthy lives,” said Sara Hart Weir, NDSS President and CEO. “We are excited to partner with NEOLITH® to help celebrate individuals with Down syndrome, and make others aware of their incredible abilities and accomplishments.”