The StoneTrash team is excited to announce a complete redesign of our website! Head over to StoneTrash on the web and check it out. Since we launched our mobile app and website last year, we have been listening to our buyers' and sellers' feedback. Our new layout is easy to use, optimized for conversion and gives us new flexibility to add even more value for our sellers in the near future.

Still haven't heard about the leading online marketplace for excess stone and tile material? Click here to learn more. The StoneTrash team is encouraged by the number of industry professionals that we've had join us on our journey thus far, and we look forward additional members of the stone and tile community joining us in this endeavor. 

We encourage industry professionals listing with us to use high quality pictures. As we have seen in our first year, the better quality images have a higher chance of selling. This along with some competitive prices are a recipe for success with StoneTrash. Below you can check out a new featured tile and stone section from our homepage. Your listing can be put there with a high quality image.