At this year’s The International Surface Event (TISE), scheduled for January 23 to 25, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, the Marmomac International Pavilion will host leading stone and machinery suppliers from India, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. Marmomac invites attendees to visit the following companies, which will be exhibiting within the Pavilion: 

Founded in 1983, AIREMÁRMORES is a leading family company, active in the extraction and production of Portuguese limestone and marble. AIREMÁRMORES’ production facilities allow the company to produce unique personalized finishings and treatments, achieving uncommon results that continue to amaze clients, architects and contractors. As a result, their reputation has conquered the world and a large part of their products are mainly marketed in Europe, China, the U.S., Colombia and Brazil. 

ANIET— Portugal 
ANIET - Associação Nacional da Indústria Extractiva e Transformadora (National Association of the Extracting and Manufacturing Industry) is a prestigious association with more than 40 years of work defending and representing the extractive and manufacturing industry. Representing several companies in the natural stone sector and in the mining sector, ANIET is an important player and an active voice for ornamental and industrial stone. 

Founded in 1937 in Milan, Bellinzoni immediately stood out for the research and development of innovative products with a high-quality profile. This growth accompanied developments in the stone market by providing solutions to problems that emerged over the years, in an almost centenary path. In order to fulfill this vision, continuous investments have been necessary in manufacturing facilities and in modern and efficient research and development laboratories that provided innovative and certified instruments to the company, while enhancing its legacy of knowledge. Starting from the first product, “Special Preparation for Polishing,” still available on the market today, the company has grown to more than 50 currently available products, all dedicated to the protection, polishing, filling and maintenance of marble, granite, stone, terracotta, ceramics, metals and plastics. Initially, Bellinzoni established itself primarily in Italy and Europe and has grown to currently be in over 80 countries worldwide, thanks to a distribution network formed by direct branches, retailers, importers and supermarkets.

Promex is an association founded in Carrara in 1990 to promote local companies in their exporting activities. Promex members include companies involved in the processing and marketing of marble and granite and in the construction of machinery used in the stone field. Sard Srl has a leading role among member companies.

DDX develops software solutions for members of the stone and glass processing industries who look for innovative, reliable and user-friendly applications. From design to production, passing through an easy and smooth project phase, DDX provides a real support for these industries. This is achieved through an efficient and good use of resources, together with technological innovations, in order to offer the best solutions so as to be competitive in the market. 

Dimer Marble was established in 1987 as a quarrying operation. In 2000, a processing factory was added. At the moment, Dimer is producing tiles, slabs and cut-to-size in three different factories — located in Diyarbakir and Adiyaman — with a production capacity of 1,000,000 square meters for 10 different products, such as Brown Espera, Light Emperador, Adara Cream, Sandwave, Koky Beige, Orient Pink, Basalt, Marbella Cream, Silkroad, Grizio Shire, Elios Beige, Adara Cream, Takia Olive and Jean Paul. Dimer exports 80% of its production to 73 different countries. Dimer is currently operating eight of its own quarries, with an export volume of 150,000 tons.

Based in the Stone District of Verona, Italy, Domos Design is a studio that develops and implements marble, natural stone and agglomerate projects. Marble is a source of inspiration for Domos; design is form — its function. These are all levers for cultural change; they are the principles that regulate our working process. Domos Design supplies distributors with tiles, mosaics, windowsills and thresholds. 

Emmedue USA, with its operational headquarters in Florida, coordinates the distribution of all ranges of bridge saws with 3/4/5 axes, CNC work centers and manual saws, as well as providing technical support for spare parts and service maintenance in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Since 1969, Ferrari & Cigarini has specialized in the design and manufacturing of machinery and plants for the cutting, chamfering, profiling, forming, squaring and gluing of single- and double-fired products, porcelain, glass, marble, granite and other natural stone. Robotized palletization and depalletization is used to supply production lines.

GV Service is a full-service company offering advanced technology for the ceramic tile, stone and technical ceramics industries. GV Service supplies parts for any Italian make/model machine; machinery and materials for mosaic production, netting, adhesive and spare parts; blades and tooling for all processing of ceramic, stone and brick; and machinery for squaring and honing.

Hartek – HRK Diamond Tools has 26 years of experience in diamond cutting and processing tools for the production of natural stone, ceramic, engineered stone and for the construction industry. The company’s plant, in Istanbul, Turkey, is equipped with high-technology production units and manufactures a wide range of products mainly as circular blades, core bits, profiles, milling-shaping wheels, finger bits, wire saws, gangsaw blades, calibrating tools, etc. The U.S. head office of Hartek LLC is in Kearny, NJ. As a business partner to the stone and construction industries, Hartek is constantly upgrading its product and service quality in order to supply more convenient solutions. The company has permanent R&D cooperative ventures with reliable technical universities, as well as scientific and academic government institutions. 

For over 18 years, Helios Automazioni srl has been designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting solutions for the stone industry. With a complete range of equipment and software to process marble, granite and synthetic materials, Helios Automazioni srl offers cutting-edge technology to change the business strategies of the most demanding stone fabricators. All machines are made in stainless steel structures, which guarantees durability and excellent performance. Today Helios Automazioni srl boasts more than 1,000 satisfied customers in more than 50 countries all over the world. Our Integrated System 4.0 changes the traditional concept of the stone workshop thanks to the complete digitalization of the productive cycle. This result enables Helios to be a partner in the evolution towards the 4.0 industry.

Italmecc specializes in the production, sale and servicing of water clarification plants, filter presses, sump pumps for abrasive water, boosting pumps and chemicals. A leader in dust control systems, with water or dry technology. We are based in Canada, the U.S., Italy and the United Kingdom.

Kuzey Crystal Mosaic & Glass Industry Co. Ltd. (Kuzey Kristal Mozaik Cam San. Tic. Ltd.) was founded in Northern Turkey. Through its experience since 1997, Kuzey Glass Tile has become the largest manufacturer of mosaic tiles in the Middle East.

Granite, marble, quartzite, onyx — from the block to the finished product. La Ponte Marmi Srl has been serving the marble and granite sector since 1966 and offers alternatives to the market with a large selection of products and furnishings — supplying a wide range of different natural stones in slabs, tiles and any type of cut-to-size pieces. Competitive prices, customer service and product quality are its ultimate goal.

Malbros Impex Pvt. Ltd. is a Two Star Government of India-Recognized Export House and ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company producing all kinds of slates, sandstones, limestones, quartzites, marbles and granites in tiles, slabs, mosaic tiles, listellos/linears, blocks, flagstones, kerbs, cubes, cobbles, circles, etc. — in any finish, including natural, polished sawn, honed, antiqued, brushed, bushhammered and shot/sand blasted. The company also supplies lava stone, all garden stones, sandstone-carved furniture, lamps, fountains, pillars, flower pots, idols and inlaid table tops. In terms of new products, the company is displaying brushed finish in sandstones, quartzites and marbles.

MATEC— Italy
Matec designs and manufactures complete plants for waste water purification and filtration in many sectors, the most important of which are: coal, iron-ore, aggregates, gravel sand, stone, concrete, ceramic and glass. Matec’s objective is complete customer satisfaction, guaranteeing a fast after-sale service, but also a pre-sale consultancy service to accurately identify the real needs of potential customers. The company has installed over 1,800 wastewater installations all across the world and 250 plants over the last two years alone. This is the real guarantee of our production and service quality. It has now become the number one Italian manufacturer of filter presses, based on 2015 turnover.

Founded in the 1970s, MD Dario is a leader in diamond wire band saws. The machines are developed to realize curves in marble, granite and stone, with a maximum cutting height of 21 inches. MD Dario recently released its latest innovation: the new wire saw MDX_44 on a Stäubli 6-axis robotic arm.

The company was founded with the goal of weaving the knowledge of quarries and materials into the commercial experience gained in major international markets. In its first years, MGS has developed a network of clients mostly abroad. Its clients transform plates into stairs, floors and other finished products. They totally support MGS’ economic philosophy, which is not only geared towards product supply but also has the aim of offering an information and research service for new types of colors, stones and finishes in order to provide the market with innovation, fantasy, opportunities and a grain of folly typical of those who really want to innovate. During this time, MGS has also specialized in additional services such as laying, measurement and consultancy on the use of the materials.

Marmi Scala srl was established in 1963 in Verona, Italy, as a supplier of natural stone. Introduced in the 1970s, the production of composite stones has catalyzed the activity of the company for years, becoming — in the last 10 years – its main focus. Covering an area of over 40,000 square meters, the company now has technology plants for block production, gangsaws and many more plants for polishing and finishing ready and semi-finished products, as well as a wide and efficient stock for slabs and other semi-finished items. Modern technology, qualified human resources and continuous research focused on the improvement of the quality of our products, make the services offered by Marmi Scala an optimal partner in satisfying the needs of modern architecture and designers.

M Stone & Tile is a family owned and operated international distributor of a wide variety of natural stone, wood and metal finish products. With three generations and over 40 years of combined experience, the company has created an expansive product line that encompasses every aspect of natural stone application, be it commercial or residential, interior or exterior, contemporary or vintage, high end or high volume. M Stone & Tile enjoys exclusive patronage of some of the best mining, fabrication and finishing facilities, allowing it to offer architects, designers, builders and masons an unmatched ability to create precisely what they envision. Its product styles and finishes are exclusively its own. The company is not in the business of following trends. Rather, it creates and facilitates new trends in the industry.

Nuova Mondial Mec SRL entered the market in 1979, manufacturing its first models of polishers. Over the years, the company has notably and successfully broadened its production becoming a worldwide leader in the production of bench-cutting machines, floor grinder-polishers and stone slab saws — all provided with a wide range of accessories for easy processing of marble, granite and natural stone.

Pardais Granites is a family owned business with approximately 40 years of experience. The company started with the father (Mr. Monteiro) and now continues with three sons. Pardais has about 80 workers and possesses three quarries, producing light gray, gray and yellow granites.  With a modern granite processing unit that includes three high-precision machines (CNC), Pardais Granites exports about 70% of its production and has a rich portfolio of emblematic works throughout Europe. 

Established in 1876, Pizzul Srl is based in Trieste, Italy. The company’s gray limestones with fossils, Aurisina Fiorita, Aurisina Lumachella, Repen and  Repen Classico, are a thousand-year tradition marbles that have been used over the past centuries for the construction of squares, buildings and monuments all around the world.

Porfido Trentino is a family-run company with more than 50 years of experience. Located in the middle of Trentino’s porphyry platform, Porfido Trentino can boast a very large variety of porphyry products for outdoor, landscaping and urban design, as well as other more sophisticated materials with polished, flamed, brushed and sanded surfaces, which are especially suited for luxury indoor floorings and coverings.

Progress Profiles is a leading company in the field of finishing decorative and technical profiles and laying systems for interior and exterior environments, expansion joints, membranes and skirting — with more than 40 years of experience and a future-oriented vision. Its 100%-made-in-Italy brand is exported in more than 70 countries and is internationally represented through branches in the U.S., UAE and Australia.

Richter Stone-Veneer® The Original is an Indo-German joint venture and export company recognized by the Government of India. Richter Stone-Veneer is a revolutionary new and most exciting surfacing product that is created by chemically extracting raw material from actual quarried slate, quartzite and sandstone slabs into very thin layers of stone. This thin layer is bonded to a fiberglass backing under controlled pressure and heat producing a strong, yet flexible, sheet of stone. Richter Stone-Veneer The Original has been tested and developed as an attractive and functional stone veneer for endless interior and exterior applications. 

Santa Margherita has operated for over 40 years producing “The Original Italian Surface,” making Santa Margherita a world leader in agglomerates. Prioritizing new architectural and interior design trends ensures that the company leads the way in facilitating changing market requirements, giving its marble- and quartz-based surfacing an important new dimension and ever-increasing role in the building industry.

Sard Srl has been working in the manufacturing of mobile cranes since 1967. Its high-level experience, the great spirit of enterprise, along with customers’ necessities, drove Sard to create machinery able to lift and handle heavy and cumbersome materials in different working fields. Today, more than 1,500 of its mobile cranes are operating worldwide.

For over 40 years, Steinex has been the international leader in the design, construction and distribution of splitting machinery for every type of natural stone, concrete and prefabricated material. In all its operations, Steinex is guided by a set of core values: continuous innovation, delivering tailored solutions to meet specific needs and developing and maintaining high-value relationships with customers before and after sales. The machinery manufactured by Steinex covers a wide range of applications and brands. Some of these include: Igloo (machinery for the production of wall stones and paving stone), Sherpa (complete range of conveyors for transporting and managing stone), Menhir (range of machinery for splitting large blocks and slabs), Wind Star (automatic lines with four blades for splitting sawn material) and Broadway (specialist machinery for the production of tiles). 

Taglio is a leading company established in 1982, whose products are based on the full in-house development of its creativity and programming, in accordance with the principle of full in-house creativity, thus guaranteeing the total and lasting intellectual and operational property of the solution provided to the customer. With over 35 years of experience, Taglio has always aimed to introduce innovative technologies 4d/droin all industrial fields requiring highly accurate, efficient and qualitative material cutting, modeling and sculpting, directing the development of its products.

Tecnema Breton Group is an important leading company manufacturing machines to process ceramic tiles, natural stones, bricks and special glass pieces. One of Tecnema’s strengths is that it can create its own machines based on customer needs. The most important Tecnema innovation is the one dedicated to the processing of big tiles: engraving, crushing and squaring machines are part of this innovation.

Toksel, based in Istanbul and New Jersey, offers process design and turn-key machines for the natural and engineered stone, ceramics and concrete industries. Since 1972, with installations on all continents and more than 50 countries, Toksel has offered same-day service and spare parts in North America.