MARION, NC – Buechel Stone Corporation purchased the assets of Blue Ridge Mountain Stone in Marion, North Carolina. Blue Ridge Mountain Stone was Buechel Stone’s main vendor for raw materials at their North Carolina production facility. This purchase includes all assets, leases, and customer lists currently maintained by Blue Ridge Mountain Stone and will add several new quarries to Buechel Stone’s quarrying operation.

“We knew some of the risks that come with relying on a third party to supply our raw material needs,” said Scott Buechel, president of Buechel Stone. “When we opened our production site [at Marion in 2017], it was most important to start the process in order to get our new [building stone veneer] products out to the market. When the owners of Blue Ridge approached us about purchasing the business, we knew it was the best way to show our commitment to the customers that have been promoting our current products – Barnwood Blue, Black Frost, Highland Scotch, and Spalted Oak. It was also important that we solidify our commitment to the community of Marion.”

This purchase adds more new quarries from which to extract stone for expanding Buechel Stone’s product mix. Further information on new building stone veneer products being offered by Buechel Stone is coming soon. “We’re excited about the success of 2017’s new stone veneers and are looking forward to building on that. But we have a little bit of work to do before launching new products from these additional quarries,” said Tracy Lisowe, marketing director of Buechel Stone. “There are several quarries we will have access to that we weren’t promoting before. They have a mix of natural colors for stone veneer products that have already proven their popularity and continue to be on-trend. It’ll really help round out our product range with colors that are very much in line with design trend predictions.”

“At a time when more and more stone veneer products are being imported from India and China, we felt it was important to continue to promote the best domestic products the stone industry can provide,” added Mike Buechel, COO of Buechel Stone. “We have high standards not only for our products, but more importantly for our team. It’s the right place and right time to expand our product offering and hire and train new talent in North Carolina - for growing our company and Rockstar team the right way.”