The new MK-1503 wet polisher from MK Diamond Products, Inc. is ideal for handheld wet grinding and polishing of marble, granite and rock materials. The variable speed control feature delivers total control of material removal rate and surface finish for a wide array of materials. The speed control dial can be set for speeds between 700 and 3000 RPM. The durable 120V universal motor delivers 800 watts of power and plugs into a standard household receptacle. GFCI protection is an integral part of the tool. The polisher is lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfortable and easy handling, with a locking power switch to prevent hand fatigue during extended use. The shaft lock ensures easy removal of the polishing backer plate or grinding disk. The maximum disc size is 5 inches.

The MK-1503 easily attaches to a standard hose bib adapter, enabling the unit to dispense a steady flow of water with a control valve. The through-the-spindle water spray ensures that water is evenly dispersed onto the material. There is also an easily removable water shroud.

The product comes with a water hose, an inline GFCI, a D-handle, a side handle, a gear box cover, a rubber water shroud, a 4-inch rubber backer plate, two replacement motor brushes and wrenches. The MK-1503 stone kit also includes a 4-inch resin polishing disc set (50 to 8,500 grit) and a nylon canvas carrying bag. The MK-1503 lapidary kit includes a 4-inch resin polishing disc set (30-13,000 grit), a flat, continuous rim grinding wheel, a coarse vacuum brazed convex wheel, a felt buffing disc and a nylon canvas carrying bag.