Omag has designed Areamulitcut to optimize a highly productive machine in a small space. The numerically controlled work center was conceived to include the three main machining phases in a short time span. This is all possible because the loading phase is performed with a loading table fitted with a suction system — machining can be performed in the dual version with dual head while in the single version with one head, and lastly, unloading can be automated with a robot system.

During an eight-hour shift, it is possible to achieve a production of about 500 square meters with the dual version.

In both versions, a slab movement system with suction cups makes it possible to optimize the cuts. In cases where the cutting lines overlap, the suction cup automatically moves the slab — or part of it — to reduce material scrap to a minimum.

Features of the machine include:

• Foto Fast is a function for digital photographic memorization of slabs of any material, using a digital camera. Therefore, the colors can be balanced, the brightness and contrast optimized, shadows removed and areas identified that should not be considered during machining.

• By activating the Vein function, the designing, and consequently the cut, can be performed along the veins of the material of various slabs. The acquired image is able to automatically identify the edges of the slab and thus recognize its measurements.

• Fastcut allows the cutting geometries to be imported in standard DXF format, or in CVS format (simple spreadsheet). Once the cutting geometries are defined, the next step is to position single elements in the cutting slab. The Nesting function performs this operation automatically, however, the user can always customize the cut following any veins in the material.

Optimizing the cut means reducing material scrap to a minimum and thus not having to manually intervene during the cutting phases. The Areamulticut_Dual version automatically identifies all of the cutting lines that can be simultaneously performed from both heads. The support table (with belt) turns so that all cutting combinations are possible.

With the plane probe, the thickness of the slab is automatically memorized. This function provides a precise cut, especially for 45-degree cuts. The tool probe, Radiusprobe, acts so that the system operator only has to set the disc measurements in the tool table, while the machine technology autonomously checks, tests and updates the real data. This is especially useful for a worn disc.

Unloading of the cut pieces, after they are washed and dried, can be done manually or by using an unloading robo. The software makes it possible to easily and intuitively relaunch machined pieces that have flaws.