MISSISSAUGA, ON-- The Loxcreen Flooring Group research and development team have been busy this past fall in search for some of the most highly-demanded products and color trends in the industry to help ramp up distributor business in 2016.

With that said, Loxcreen officially launched the latest addition to their Ceramic Tile Trim and Accessories line with the Ceramic Cove profile for sanitary base applications. This profile is commonly used in commercial kitchens and bathrooms to help prevent dirt build-up in open joints and grooves.

Loxcreen also introduced the Designer Wall Base series which brings your everyday, standard cove base up to a luxurious level with its heavy gauge vinyl and satin finishing. Loxcreen has been able to efficiently produce and ship vinyl products like this for years, therefore always ensuring high service levels and cost savings for the distributor. All three profiles are available in all color offerings.

The Loxcreen Flooring Group has also been studying color trends in vinyl accessory products which lead to the introduction of 7 New Vinyl Colorsthat are sure to warm up commercial spaces in 2016. This brings Loxcreen's total vinyl color offering up to 45 designer colors to choose from.

Loxcreen will be exhibiting at The International Surfaces Event (TISE) West in January 2016 where they have a few surprises in store. Loxcreen is still hard at work planning the event and the launch of some new products in 2016 within their Prova®line of tile installation products.

For the distributors who plan to visit booth #4810 at the event in January, they won't be disappointed, as this is where they can get a first glimpse at their new uncoupling membrane for heated tile floors,Prova Flex-Heat®. Live demonstrations of this new product and the entire Prova® line will be on display for the duration of the show where more information will be available. Until then, Loxcreen is looking forward to bringing more alternative accessory products to market which will make for an exciting New Year.