BAYVILLE, NJ -- A 17-year-old teenager was accidentally killed a little over a week ago when a 650-pound granite slab fell on him outside of Stone N' Counters South, LLC, in Bayville, NJ.

The victim, identified as Jared Marchiano, was discovered early Saturday morning, June 20, around 6:40 a.m. when a passing motorist reported seeing him trapped between two slabs on the company's grounds, according to The Ocean County Prosecutor's office. The business, which produces countertops, was closed at the time of the accident, when Marchiano was said to have been trespassing on the property.

Medical Examiner Gerard Breton ruled the cause of death as asphyxiation from the slab of stone and determined the manner of death as an accident, the Ocean County Prosecutor's office said.

Officials said it appeared that Marchiano was trying to walk between marble and granite slabs when a massive slab fell on top of him.

Officials do not know how long the teen was trapped before the passing motorist spotted him and called police. Marchiano was pronounced dead shortly after authorities arrived on scene.

CBS2 reporter, Tony Aiello, spoke with one of the victim's best friends, Trevor Farrell, who was out with him and other high schoolers the night the incident occurred. Farrell said Marchiano "apparently decided to take a shortcut home."

Investigators believe he cut through Stone N' Counters South's property in order to reach his residence on Wheaton Avenue. Marchiano's family only lives a few houses down the street.

According to Aiello's reporting, another close friend of the victim, Jennifer Hennessey, said Marchiano's other three friends said they weren't going to take that makeshift route because they were worried about security around that area, so they were "going the long route."

Police believe that Marchiano tried to squeeze past two pieces of granite and may have dislodged a piece of lumber holding the slabs in place, which may have ultimately caused one of the slabs to fall on top of him.

Neighbors said the company posted new signs on the property warning of the dangers from the heavy slabs on display.