Ruipedra of Casais Monizes, Portugal, is a 20-year-old company specializing in the production of Portuguese limestone. It owns three limestone quarries: Moca Creme, Zambujalstone and Moleanos.

The company primarily fabricates products for exterior work, such as paving and curbs.

According to Ruipedra, the factory is a constant investment. At the time of Stone World’s visit, the company was working on a new concept where no one in the factory would touch the material — from blocks to slabs — during the production process. Once the new factory is complete, it will include 35 trolleys and robots to load and move the slabs around the plant.

The current factory includes several custom machines designed specifically for the space as well as multi-wire and block saws. The new factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery such as a Pellegrini Stone Master single wire saw, a Cei Stonecut with a multi axis for three-dimensional work and a Cei Zipor saw/waterjet.

Among the company’s primary markets are the U.S and Middle East. Additionally, it supplies its limestone for Louis Vuitton stores.