One of the latest acquisitions for Endless Mountain Stone is an historic Bluestone quarry site that dates back to 1848, when the famed Starrucca Viaduct was built near Lanesboro, PA. Initiated by the New York and Erie Railroad, the project utilized local Bluestone from the region, including the site reopened by Endless Mountain Stone. The bridge has been in continual use for more than 165 years, and it is still utilized by the Norfolk Southern Railway.

Evidence of historic quarrying equipment and activity is visible throughout the site, and Endless Mountain Stone is salvaging pieces that were originally extracted and shaped for the viaduct, but went unused. “We select it out and keep it separate,” explained Butch Coleman of Endless Mountain Stone.

The quarry site has large deposits of Bluestone with a green tone, which is considered to be desirable, and the company has a total of five acres of permitted land for stone extraction.