The LTN fromMarmo Meccanica is a polishing machine for round edges up to 8 cm thick and flat edges up to 10 cm thickness. It was created due to the need for a solid and compact machine as the historical LTT, endowed with the same characteristics, equipment and performance of the most recent and advanced LTX. The LTN also needed to maintain the shaping principle by means of a single cup-shaped diamond wheel for all profiles and thicknesses.

LTN is composed of two basic models: LTN 621 and LTN 6221. The first model features one incoming calibrating/drip cutting unit, two incoming chamfering mandrels and six oscillating polishing mandrels for 130-mm. The first and second mandrels have a mechanical stop for diamond tools. The second model has the same composition, but is equipped with two outgoing chamfering mandrels. The base models can be enhanced by a range of options on request.