Anver - Vacuum Lifter-Tilter
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Product Description: A line of standard, modular lifter-tilters that are offered with either electric or compressed-air power for handling heavy slabs weighing up to 2,000 pounds are available from Anver Corp. of Hudson, MA.

Anver ET-AT Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilters let one person manipulate heavy slabs from the horizontal to the vertical and back while using a remote control. Offered in electric- and compressed-air powered versions, they are equipped with four large rectangular suction pads with bonded seals, non-skid surfaces and shallow lips to evenly distribute holding forces.

Featuring a check valve and built-in vacuum loss sensor with audio-visual alarms for optimum operator safety, Anver ET-AT Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilters are offered in 500-, 1000- and 2000-pound capacities. They are modular with 2-, 3- and 4-pad designs and adjustable cross arms for handling slabs up to 8 x 10 feet. Applications include stone, steel, composite and glass panels.

Anver ET-AT Series Vacuum Lifter-Tilters are priced from $2,695, depending upon capacity and configuration -- including foam seals for handling rough surfaces. Price quotations are available upon request. 


Beckart Environmental- 100% Zero-Discharge Water Recycling System

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Product Description: Designed for 100% water recycling and closed-loop operation, the Hy-Pack® system from Beckart Environmental filters influent from saws, polishers and CNC equipment down to below 1 micron, and routes the clean water back for use in the fabrication process.

• Among the system’s features and benefits:

• Helps minimize water costs with reuse and recycle

• Expandable filter presses to grow with your business

• Designed for flow rates of 10 to 200 GPM

• Solids filtered water down to below 1 micron

• Dry, landfillable filter residue

• PLC-controlled automatic operation

• Forkliftable sludge carts

• Factory-trained field service technicians worldwide

These fully automated systems include company-engineered PLC control panels, and fabricators deal directly with the manufacturer throughout the planning, installation and support phases of all critical equipment. All systems are backed by a factory-trained network of regional support technicians for years of reliable service. 



Blick Industries - Saw Cup for CNC Routers

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Product Description: The Saw Cup from Blick Industries creates a saw table surface on your suction cups. Want to saw on your CNC router? Worried about cutting into your suction cups or your table? Not any more. Our Saw Cups allow you to add a disposable top to most of our popular shapes so you can support your piece while sawing without worrying where you place your suction cups. All Saw Cups come with backerboard tops. The product comes in most of our popular sizes as well as larger sizes, and it is Patent Pending. 



Braxton Bragg - Installation Braces

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Product Description: The I-Brace, I-Brace XL and the UpperBrace from Innotops and sold by Braxton-Bragg offer customers safety, aesthetic value and cost savings. These patent pending products install in just minutes, eliminate the need for corbels and wood supports on breakfast bars and can be kept in stock on either the install truck or in the shop.

High-priced corbels can be bulky and cause inadvertent injuries. Installers know that overhangs require support but not all customers do. Floating overhangs are both modern and timeless. Customers will be able to enjoy their installation longer and have greater resale value using floating supports than using corbels, which pose a safety hazard and also do not fit everyone’s style or decorative taste.

The I-Brace installs a breakfast bar or cantilevered island top and securely braces it in minutes, with no special hardware or tools required. All it takes is two to four I-Braces, a length of 2 x 4, a few inexpensive screws, construction adhesive, and you’re ready to set the island top in place.

Offer your customers a more securely braced breakfast bar with no return trip needed to install costly, old-fashioned — and potentially dangerous — corbels.

Watch the product demonstration on the Braxton-Bragg Web site. It’s the industry’s first animated video. 



Continental Diamond - Patterned Diamond Blade

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Product Description: The new Terminator XtremeHS20 from Continental Diamond is the newest patterned diamond blade of its kind. We have successfully formulated the Terminator XtremeHS20 to work perfectly on high-RPM, low-horsepower saws (7+). This blade is friendly on all materials and is currently available with a 20-mm segment height. Stay tuned for the 25-mm version coming soon. These 12- to 24-inch XtremeHS20 blades are in stock and ready to ship out to you same day.



Crystalline Enterprises- Quoting and Drawing Software

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Product Description: Crystallyne’s QuickQuote is countertop quoting and drawing software for fabricators and kitchen designers. It features a simple, intuitive interface with automatically generated drawings, flexible pricing methods and professional-looking printouts.

In QuickQuote, items are selected via point-and-click, and dimensions are entered directly onto countertop shapes so that users don’t need to memorize pricing or have CAD experience to get fast, accurate quotes and drawings. Backsplashes, edging, premium items and services are automatically tabulated in addition to countertop pricing, and the drawing created with every quote is fully labeled, to scale, and ready for use in the shop. QuickQuote can also estimate the minimum number of slabs required for the job, and advanced users can create slab layouts to get a more specific count.

QuickQuote works with virtually any countertop material, and it offers a variety of pricing methods such as per linear foot, per square foot, and per slab. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, QuickQuote exports to QuickBooks®, Moraware JobTracker, .DXF/.DWG, and a host of other file formats.  QuickQuote’s professional printouts put the quote and drawing together on a single page and quotes in multiple colors and price levels side by side.

For more information and a free trial of QuickQuote, check out our Web site. 



Diamant Boart - 3-Step Pads

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Product Description: Diamant Boart’s newly introduced copper bonded MagnumTM 3-step pads reduce the number of steps needed to produce a great polish, saving fabricators time and money. The pads are patterned for greater flexibility, allowing access to tight corners and radius. The Magnum 3-step pads will produce an amazing shine every time.

“These are the best pads that we have ever used,” said Brendon O’Connor, Owner of Granitech, LLC in Plantsville, CT. “They are very easy to polish with and are very efficient. We highly recommend the Magnum 3-step pads.” 



Diamax — Diamond-Studded Grinding Technology

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Product Description: Cyclone by Diamax is the first to fuse diamonds together to create a diamond-studded grinder that will never gum up. Cyclone calls it Diamond Cluster Technology (DCT) — a grinder that leaves a smooth finish where there was once fiberglass mesh and epoxy. Nothing will remove mesh faster or last longer.

DCT is also the perfect first step in the antiquing stone process. Cyclone DCT will remove the polish off the face of the stone faster with very small scratch patterns, thereby reducing the time needed in the antiquing process. Every shop in America needs to have at least one Cyclone DCT. 



GranQuartz - Combo Cutting and Grinding Wheel


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Product Description: New from GranQuartz®, the Diarex® Pro Series® Combo Wheel is a combination cutting and grinding wheel which provides a longer-life alternative to flat-body, vacuum-brazed wheels. The Combo Wheel is available in a coarse grit 4-, 4 ½- or 5-inch diameter and is great for shaping,  feathering, notching, beveling and precision grinding in confined spaces. 



Laser Products - Precision Laser Templator

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Product Description: Since 1995, Laser Products Industries — which developed the LT-55XL Precision Laser Templator — has focused on supplying lasers that provide accurate measurements of jobsites and assist in fabricating products to match. By continually developing and improving the LT-55XL, the company has optimized quality and features, which is one reason that customers claim the LT-55XL to be “the only real choice for digital templating.”

The LT-55XL Precision Laser Templator lets you walk off any jobsite with a CAD-ready DXF file. Produce estimates on the jobsite and have the customer sign off on an estimate. You will improve your quality, accuracy and speed leading to quicker installations, less errors and virtually no scrap.

For those of you that have never seen the LT-55XL in action, visit the company Web site to watch our videos. 



Nicolai Diamant - CNC Profile Wheels


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Product Description: Nicolai Diamant has strived to put its money where its mouth is. It reports that users with a quality CNC can achieve a finished edge without hand touch-up required. Pictured above is Absolute Black with a FZ profile run on a Northwood CNC without any hand touch-up.

Nicolai works hard at delivering a professional finished product time and time again, and it guarantees it. Upon proper set-up, continuous diamond tools exceed 8,000 lineal feet of life, with high-gloss resin wheels producing up to 2,500 lineal feet of life.

For shops looking for custom shapes to set themselves apart in the marketpace, Nicolai can produce custom wheels an average of two weeks after confirmed drawings. Marble tools for 5-axis projects are a specialty of Nicolai as well. In-line diamonds and combo polishers and bridge saw blades are also a part of its repertoire of products. 


Omni Cubed — All-Terrain Installation Cart

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Product Description: The Pro-Cart AT1 by Omni Cubed, Inc. provides a solution to the challenges associated with large and cumbersome countertop installation carts, and it can handle all terrains that an install might lead you through. Pneumatic casters dampen vibrations and enable travel across rough terrain such as gravel or lawns. Important for climbing stairs, the cart stays attached to the countertop when lifted, and the 8-inch casters allow resting on stair treads. The cart’s high ground-clearance allows “popping of wheelies” over larger curbs, and in many cases one person can operate the cart by themselves. Tops are secured by clamps located on each side of the cutout to reduce breakage in the middle. The wheelbase is wide enough to make the cart very stable, but still fits on truck ramps and enables maneuvering through very tight spaces. The cart is constructed from aluminum tubing, so it is strong and lightweight at less than 50 pounds. Two accessories are available for the Pro-Cart AT1: 1. Folding Kit (reduces cart width to only 9 inches for easy storage). 2 Multi-Top Accessory (uprights that enable transport of multiple smaller tops). 



Pearl - Reactor Pro Blade

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Product Description: Pearl Abrasive is proud to introduce the new and improved Reactor Pro blade with a huge, 25-mm diamond segment height. The new and improved Reactor Pro is an addition to the Reactor Series, which was developed using A.D.M.TM (Advanced Diamond Matrix) technology -- a process that replaces the random clustering of diamonds with an entirely new engineered diamond matrix. This advancement is comprised of two innovative processes: Layering Technology and Patterning Technology. This allows the travel speed of the saw to be increased without increasing amperage of the motor. In addition, the Reactor Pro cuts very fast, performs consistent from the first cut to the last, and the edge of the segments do not wear round due to the layering and patterning technology. The Reactor Pro is also designed to give the operator extended life.

Available in 14, 16 and 18 inches with a huge 25-mm segment, the Pearl Reactor Pro silent core blade is excellent for fast cutting of granite, engineered stone and other natural stone. 



Prodim - 2D and 3D portable measurement solutions

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Product Description: Prodim International is the manufacturer of revolutionary two-dimensional and three-dimensional portable measurement solutions. Our Proliner® systems are the fastest and easiest way for getting accurate dimensions on site, as well as digitizing existing shapes and objects.

Our sales office is located in Atlanta, GA, and we have a fully equipped trainings center in Vero Beach, FL.

The Proliner principle is very simple: measuring with a wire. The Proliner has a measuring head that can be rotated in every direction and has a wire that can be stretched out for several meters. With the Proliner, you can measure straight, curved and very complex shapes in an instant.

Besides being fast, user-friendly and accurate, it is for reliable and lasting. The Proliner principle is also used for quality control and layout work.

Become familiar with our products: Proliner® 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, Plotter and several software solutions. 


Regent Stone Products— 90-degree polishing attachment

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Product Description: The newest innovation in straight edge polishing is the 90-degree device polishing attachment from Marmoelettromeccanica. This system attaches easily to Master 3500s as well as other routers to convert them into a straight edge polisher. Using the polishing head attachment in combination with the router provides a straight and stable platform to achieve the perfect polish. It has an internal water feed and achieves the same results as full-size in-line polishers, and it utilizes a three-step pad system (optional fourth step) that works equally well on marble, granite and engineered stone.


Tri-Mer Corp. — New Filtration Concept

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Product Description: Tri-Mer Corp. a technology company specializing in particulate control systems, has introduced Tri-Flow, a new filtration concept that delivers HEPA-level performance with a MERV 16 rating.

Tri-Flow Compact filters have a small footprint and an exceptionally large filter surface area: Tri-Flow Compact filters provide two to three times more filtration compared to similarly dimensioned bag (pocket) filters. An even greater increase in filtration area vs. volume is achieved in comparisons with sleeve-type high-efficiency filters.

The unique Tri-Flow design provides in-line pulse jet cleaning and maintains an exceptionally low operating pressure drop. Filter efficiencies of 99.999% on 0.5 micron and larger particles (by weight) are typical.

Tri-Flow Compact filters are self-supporting and are manufactured using proprietary filter media tailored to the application. There are seven media types, including a polyester felt with micro-porous surface, which is ideal for fine granular-type polishing or sanding dusts. All media is pleated and continuously bonded for maximum dimensional stability and filtration integrity. A rigid base molding protects the elements, and a resilient mounting flange provides a dust seal that prevents bypass.

Existing dust collectors can often be adapted to accommodate Tri-Flow Compact filters.


Wilson Industrial - Polishing and Grinding Heads

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Product Description: CO.ME.S. polishing heads have proven to be one of the most economical and best running polishing and grinding heads in the industry. The new mix is a 3 + 3 combination that is used after your aggressive grinding stage and just before the first stage of polishing. CO.ME.S. also offers several different polishing heads and the damp 6 grinding head. Pricing is very competitive, and adapters can be made to fit your machines in most cases if the head does not bolt directly on. Check out the full line of polishing and grinding heads on the company Web site. 



Zenesis - Continuous Diamond Pattern Technology

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Product Description: When your job demands the most from your tools, trust in ZenesisTM Technology. The end result of years of research, Zenesis Technology manufactures the most advanced diamond tools on the planet.  Instead of random diamond placement on the segments, Zenesis takes an innovative approach by aligning the diamonds in a continuous pattern, allowing for faster cutting, long tool life and a smooth, chip-free finish. This patented proprietary technology is what sets Zenesis apart from the competition. Zenesis manufactures bridge saw blades, dry core bits, resin cup wheels, zero tolerance wheels, CNC finger bits and router bits for profiling. Whether the material is granite, stone or tile, Zenesis diamond tools prove that you can have fast cutting speed and long tool life.