Montresor & C. srl has presented a new machine for easy and fast processing of mitered edges. Already an option on the edge polishers in the company’s Lola and Luna-series, the V-groove attachment is now available as a stand-alone machine.

The machine creates a double 45-degree angled cut with ordinary cutting discs, obtaining two polished slab pieces with a groove for biscuit joining, to be glued perfectly at 90 degrees.

Based on the hardness, type and thickness of the material, the rotation speed of the blades can be adjusted on the touch-screen panel.

For less compact materials, a lower cutting device on a motorized roller conveyor makes a slight triangular-shaped cut in the underside of the “V,” avoiding shattering of the edge.

The position of the “V” and the height of the drop-miter can be set on the touch-screen between 1.0 and 8.7 inches (minimum 9 inches if the distance between the edge and the center of the “V” is 0.4 inches.)

The cutting discs automatically move to their position with one touch of the button, and the program has a wear control for the cutting discs.

Special features

• Sturdy, full-machined, sandblasted steel construction with galvanizing epoxy undercoat

• Stainless steel protection covers

• Maximum protection against water and dirt

• Motors controlled by inverter for ideal r.p.m. for all materials

• Touch-screen control panel with on-screen use and maintenance manual

• Wear control for cutting discs


Technical details

Total dimensions: 7 feet 9 inches x 4 feet 4 inches

• Useful working length: limitless

• Min.÷Max. working width: 9 inches to 87 inches

• Min.÷Max. slab thickness: 0.4 inches to 1.2/1.6 inches (based on material)

• Min.÷Max. distance from edge to centre V-groove: 1.0 inches to 8.7 inches

• Max. power installed: 16 HP

• Max. water consumption: 18.5 gallons per minute

• Max. air consumption: 7.9 gallons per minute

• Total weight: 4,400 pounds


Montresor is represented in the U.S. by Salem Stone —