Braxton-Bragg offers the “4-Corner View” Tavy two-sided Tile Spacer as well as the Tavy Tile Puck, which allows professional tile installers to verify that each intersection is perfectly laid. The Tavy Tile Spacer has a circular design that prevents the spacer from bottoming out into the cement or adhesive, making removal extremely easy.

Another benefit is the versatile, two-sided design of the Tavy Tile Spacer that allows for an installer to use both sides of the spacer. The cross side can be used at any four-corner intersection and the straight edge side can be used at any location a spacer is required.

The Tavy Tile Puck is great for setting tile. It is a simple puck-shaped tool to show the installer instantly if his tiles are level and if he has a toe kicker. By including an Omni-directional level in the middle of this tool, it will eliminate the need for any other level. The Tavy Tile Puck can be also be used for any number of leveling applications, including appliances, machines, shower seats, curbs, countertops, kitchen appliances, cabinetry, drains, shelves and countless other leveling applications.