MIAMI, FL - App House LLC has released a natural stone reference guide for iPhone and iPod touch, available immediately on the Apple App Store. Natural Stone Source provides users a wide range of tools to navigate the ever-expanding world of natural stone. With Natural Stone Source, users get a powerful guide that will always be growing through updates. In this application, users have access to a database with over 2,800 different stones from 52 different countries, easily making it one of the largest selections of natural stones available in the App Store, reports the creator.

“Everyone here is extremely excited about the release of Natural Stone Source,” said Matt Walter, App House President and Co-Founder. “Not only is this our first application, but the reception we’re already getting from the home designing community has been fantastic. They have been patiently waiting for an application like this, and we’re proud to be the ones to give it to them.”

According to App House LLC, the Natural Stone Source application enables users to quickly and easily search any natural stone with the device’s built-in sample database. The narrowed search options allow the user to search either by most commonly known name, type of stone, origin of stone or color of stone. To get a more specific result the users can search different stones based on just one or more of those options.

Key features in Natural Stone Source:

•          Unique Search Engine- offers access to a growing database of over 2,800 different natural stone samples along with their most commonly known name, type, origin and color. Users can search different stones based on just one or more of those options and easily browse their search results in “Standard View” or “Coverflow.” Once a user has found the stone he or she is most interested in, there are a few additional tools to insure success in finding the best stone. Looking under each stone’s “Comments Page” for what other people are saying about that particular stone or e-mailing the stone sample to a designer or supplier to help track it down are some of its features.

•          Spotlight - features special natural stones being offered by some of the most reputable companies in the business for users unsure which natural stone is for them. Each “Spotlight” has a description, additional photos, starting price and a direct link to make a purchase inquiry among other features needed to begin the stone selection process.

•          Dictionary - compiles all the jargon and puts it at the fingertips of users so they can stay well informed by understanding what stone industry terms mean.

•          News - keeps users updated on all the developments within the industry. Whether it’s a new natural stone line being introduced by a large supplier or a change in the schedule of a major stone fair, this is helpful for people in the stone industry who want to keep in the loop.

•          Tips - is an accumulation of tips from industry insiders to help even the most inexperienced user feel knowledgeable and confident, reports App House LLC.

•          FAQ - finds just about every answer to natural stone questions.

•          Favorites - stores all of a user’s favorite samples. Viewing in “Coverflow” is also an option.

Natural Stone Source is available for download from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch or at