KNOXVILLE, TN - Braxton-Bragg has recently announced that after an intensive study, the company has decided to end its experiment with regional field salespeople and focus its efforts on direct mail marketing to the stone and tile industries.

“Our research has revealed that most of our customers would rather have lower prices and same day shipping than pay higher retail prices at a store, or inflated prices for a salesman’s visit,” said Rich Hassert, President of Braxton-Bragg. “Our customers do not want the loss of shop productivity when a delivery van comes around every week or two and disrupts shop activity.

“Although our regional salesmen were the best trained in the industry and worked extremely hard, we have found that given a choice, most of our customers simply prefer lower prices. Because our job is to serve our customers - their way - we feel that it is essential to offer the lowest prices and the best service. To ensure that we have the lowest price, we are reducing the price of hundreds of items, effective immediately.

“Braxton-Bragg has been sending its message of, ‘Better, Faster, Cheaper’ for over 13 years, and we are reestablishing the fundamental principals that made us an industry leader: The best prices, on the best stone fabrication products, supported by the friendliest people.”