E-Z Dishwasher Bracket

The E-Z Dishwasher Bracket is now being offered by Braxton-Bragg Corp. According to the company, the product was invented by a contractor based on his 30 years of experience and hundreds of kitchen remodels and installs. The product works with a variety of countertop materials such as granite, marble, solid surface, concrete or laminate.

Braxton-Bragg reports a number of features of the E-Z Bracket including its no-drill design, which means no more drilling into the countertop to fasten the dishwasher. On installations, it will eliminate many of the problems associated with anchoring dishwashers. The bracket does not require the dishwasher to be on site, but it can also be installed after the dishwasher is in place. Users no longer have to glue clips in hopes that the heat and moisture will not cause a failure, and they will no longer be required to drill into granite or other fragile surfaces, putting the finished product in danger.