DuPont has announced the introduction of DuPont™ Zonyl® 9977, an improved waterborne fluorochemical solution that can be used in water-based penetrating sealers to provide a durable, non-film-forming, transparent barrier against oil, water and stains. Zonyl® 9977 can be used on porous surfaces such as stone, unglazed tile, grout, terra-cotta, concrete and brick.

“Zonyl® 9977 has very low VOC content and has passed rigorous product stewardship testing,” said Cathy Hampton, global business manager of DuPont Surface Protection Solutions. “Zonyl ® 9977 provides superior protection, and it is effective on a variety of surfaces.”

Some benefits of Zonyl® 9977 include:

• Providing a protective barrier that repels both water and oil

• Allowing easy removal of aqueous and oily soils

• Requiring no resin binder system

• Providing transparent vapor-permeable protection with no effect on appearance

• Providing durable protection by chemically bonding to the surface

• Providing maximum protection against water, oil and stains, yet is gentle enough to be used in formulations for acid-sensitive substrates