Omax has introduced its Model 55100 JetMachining® Center, one of three large-footprint abrasivejet machines produced by the company. Designed to accommodate the cutting of large parts, the 55100 is capable of handling sheets of material up to 5 x 10 feet in dimension. Additionally, the machine excels at cutting complex flat parts from a wide range of materials, including marble, granite and other stone as well as ceramics, porcelain and metal. Based on the Windows XP operating system, the 55100’s user-friendly controls simplify the programming of traditionally complex techniques. Operators can machine parts directly from pre-existing CAD drawings or easily create drawings in Layout, Omax’s intuitive embedded software. By providing significant reductions to setup times, the 55100 achieves exceptionally high levels of productivity in applications ranging from prototypes to production-runs, according to its manufacturer. The 55100 provides both efficiency and accuracy while cutting. By eliminating the need for tool changes and reducing setup times by up to 50% over traditional cutting methods, the machine offers substantial productivity gains. The 55100 holds tolerances up to .003 of an inch, ensuring that even those with high precision applications can reap its benefits. The machine also produces a high-quality surface finish that reduces or eliminates the need for secondary operations. The 55100 also includes Omax’s optional Tilt-A- Jet® cutting head, which allows for virtually zero taper in finished parts. When the Tilt-A-Jet is enabled, Intelli-MAX® software automatically calculates and offsets the natural taper that results from the abrasivejet. By moving taper from the part to the scrap, the machine achieves the cutting of perfectly square edges in the finished part. Like all Omax products, the 55100 comes with the Omax Technology Guarantee, which provides updated software to all existing customers at no additional charge, reports the company.