The Contour fromMatrix Stone Productsis a powerful CNC workcenter designed to automate the process of cutting and polishing sink holes. From its inception, the company's engineers focused on applying the power and versatility CNC controls in a compact footprint, along with a full-sized feature package. The Contour has been engineered to efficiently produce an endless variety of sink shapes to a high-quality polish without incurring long downtimes due to programming.

The operator can download DXF, DWG or IGES files to create programs, or create custom shapes with the easy-to-use CAD/CAM software. By using the custom tool library, the operator simply applies the selected tool group to the geometry of the sink shape, and the software does the rest. “G” code programming is not required.

The Contour has a range of standard features to keep the process flowing and minimize set-up time. With the powerful Fagor CNC control, screen navigation and set-up functions are simplified, even for operators with little or no prior CNC experience. Features include a powerful 15-horsepower spindle, a versatile vacuum cup clamping system, integrated multi-directional slab positioning rollers and a three-axis, handheld remote pendant.